Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What an interesting day...

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Today began like any other - I was tired, tired, tired and looking forward to naptime. I had an interview this evening and nothing else really to look forward to. 

Yesterday I got a phone call from FedEx that they had a package for me but couldn't find my house. I told them I didn't know who was sending me anything - I figured that it must be a review item but couldn't think what it could be. It turns out the box was addressed to my STREET ADDRESS & Phone Number - but had a Texas City, State & Zipcode. ??? I verified my address with them and they told me I would receive it today.

About 8:30 this morning while Gigi was watching Sesame & I was trying to stay awake and looking thru my emails & FB notification & trying not to think how hungry I was FedEx pulled up to the door. I went to the door and he handed the box to me. 

Inside was 24 roses and a shattered vase. Aren't they beautiful in my plastic water glass? Only thing missing from the box was WHO they are from!

Who wants to claim to be the very THOUGHTFUL and KIND person who sent these to me? You can tell me they are a belated birthday gift and I'll TOTALLY believe you! I've called the company they were ordered from and no one has called me back and all I got was dead space on the phone.

oo00oo oo00oo oo00oo oo00oo oo00oo

Oh, by the way, the interview for my new daycare family went very well. They have a new baby girl due 10/20 and will need care to start mid-to-late January. One of the criteria I have for new families is the requirement that they are strong communicators and friendly and both the mom & dad are very nice and I think will be easy to work with. I believe it's important for us to be a TEAM in caring for their children and they should fit in nicely.

PLEASE PRAY that if they are the right family and God has planned for us to team up together that we will all have peace and feel comfortable with the decision. Thank you!

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