Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sounds of the Savanna


Today I have a treat for you! I recently received this beautifully illustrated book from Arbordale Publishing to read with my children and share with you.

Sounds of the Savanna
by Terry Catasus Jennings
ISBN: 9781628556322
$9.95 (paperback)

$17.95 (hardback)
Spanish copies & ebook available HERE

About the book:
From the first light of dawn until the sun sets at night, the savanna is alive with noise. A lion roars in the early morning, a young baboon shrieks at noon and a young mouse squeals at dusk. What are the animals saying and why? Animals communicate in many ways; explore the thriving African savanna as it's inhabitants "talk" to one another throughout the course of a day.

Preview of the book

My thoughts:
Sounds of the Savanna is one of the most beautifully illustrated books I've ever seen from Arbordale. The pictures are VIVID and the detail is amazing. I think my favorite pictures are the Vervet Monkey carrying her baby and the Lion. Both of these pictures are at the beginning of the book and immediately pulled Maddie who is 4 in when I pulled out the book for storytime. Here are a few of the other pictures:


This story is written for older kids or ones who have a good attention span. It's very wordy so your kids will need to be able to focus and comprehend the action in the book and the knowledge they will learn. Loud & boisterous or quiet and squeaky kids will learn about Sound in the Wild: Sound Waves and the noises animals make High Squeaks and Low Rumbles. They will also learn about animal reactions to danger, about being predators and prey and how animals communicate with each other. There is a LOT of information in this book and kids will learn something new every time you read it to them.

At the end of this book you will find 4 pages of activities to expand on what your kids are learning. They will be learning about Sound Waves: Amplitude, Frequency, Volume and Pitch and conduct 3 experiments on Sound using supplies you can find around the house. For your older kids you are provided with a sorting worksheet on Predator or Prey. Online you can find another 30 pages of activities, worksheets and more.

Here are the activities included in the Teacher's Guide for this book:
How to Use This Activity Guide (General) 
What Do Children Already Know? 
Pre-Reading Questions 
Comprehension Questions & Writing Prompts 
Cross-Curricular Vocabulary Activities 
Word Bank 
Cross-Curricular: Silly Sentences 
Word Search 
Language Arts: Homonyms 
Match the Animal Sounds 
Why Animals Make Noise 
Animal Sorting Cards 
Physical or Behavioral? 
Science Journal (Vocabulary) 
Hands-On Science 
True or False? 
Math: Measuring 
Math Cards 
Coloring Pages 
Appendix A—“What Children Know” Cards 
Appendix B—Venn Diagram 
Appendix C—Vocabulary Cards

To learn more about WHY every homeschool or school should consider Arbordale Publishings books for their students read this post on the features and benefits available with every book from Arbordale.

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Disclaimer: I have received books from Arbordale Publishing in exchange for my honest reviews of their books. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used and think my readers will enjoy.

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