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What makes Arbordale Publishings books so great for homeschooling & teachers?

I review MANY MANY books from Arbordale Publishing and one of the things I've never done is write a post about the many types of teacher's aids available for parents, teachers, librarians, museum & zoo programs and whoever else works with kids and has a part in teaching them language arts, math & science. I thought I'd give you a quick rundown about their books. =D

Arbordale books come in Fiction & Non Fiction. Each book contains a handy little 3-4 page activity guide at the back of the book and for homeschoolers & teachers as well as kids who want to know more (think kids working on book reports & science projects) there is a comprehensive 30 page Teacher's Guide online. 

Our example today is the book Count Down to Fall (Click for my review). On the right side of the screen for this book you can access this teachers guide as well as other tools on the webpage for the individual book on the right side of the screen. If you can't see this, click here for the homepage to see it easier.

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1) Each of the books are aligned to each individual states standards and if you click on the standards link, then the state you live in and then the title of the book you will arrive at a page that shows the standards each student in each grade will learn. Click here to see the standards met in Nebraska. 
2) A complete list of related websites pertaining to the subject of the book is included. For this book you can visit websites that explain more on WHY trees change color, the shapes of various trees' leaves, and a long list of details about each of the 10 trees that kids read about in Count Down to Fall. Click here to see the list.
3) Educator Keywords (Spelling List?), Animals talked about in the book, Accelerated Reader, Lexile, AR, RC, F&P levels are posted as well as the age & grade ranges.
4) - Arbordale books are aligned to Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as well as state education standards. Arbordale books are vetted by experts and professionals from a variety of organizations including NASA, JPL, Project Learning Tree, USFWS, Sea World, the Cherokee Nation and others.
5) A complete 30 page Teacher's Guide is included FREE of charge.  Kids will use the illustrations to learn and then demonstrate their understanding of the text (comprehension) thru graphing, games, science experiments, vocabulary terms & words are used for spelling lists & building vocabularies. There are also worksheets for a variety of subjects such as:  Language (word families, rhyming, sentences, word searches, sorting & classifying); Science (science journal, weather changes, geography mapping) & Math (math cards, counting, games), coloring pages for younger kiddos and venn diagrams for older kids.  
6) Each book is researched & the accuracy of the information in each book is verified. This book was verified by Dr. John O’Keefe and Pamela M. Snow at Fisher Museum, Harvard Forest; to Robert Smith, Arborist and Susan Erickson, Research Coordinator at the Arbor Day Foundation.
7) Each book is available in paperback, hardback and most are available as an ebook, Spanish paperback and on Kindle.

Click here to visit Arbordale Publishing for a full list of the titles they offer.

I hope you can see why I am so impressed with their books. The stories are cute (my favorites are posted below with the links to their reviews some on this blog and some on my old blogs Classic Children's Books & Family Literacy & You). I hope you are able to check out one of their books at the library or purchase a few of their books for your family so you can see how wonderful these books are!




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Disclaimer: I have received books from Arbordale Publishing in exchange for my honest reviews of their books. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy. 

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