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Monday, June 29, 2015

Dancing to Kids' Music & Stories #2 ~ Goo On My Shoe

What cames to mind when you read "Goo On My Shoe" - was it a big wad of Bubble Yum stuck to the bottom of your church shoes? Was that bubble yum oozing and gooey with long strings of sticky gum holding you to the hot pavement as you lifted your shoe? Ewww!

No? You immediately thought of Here Comes Trouble's newest music CD for Kids? Ugh Huh... Tell me another one!

Goo On My Shoe
by Here Comes Trouble
Order Here
(CD or MP3)

As I told you in my last post in my series on Danceable Kid's CD's this week - my kids' LOVE to dance! My house is TINY but the kids don't let that stop them - especially when the music is as upbeat, filled with rhythm, silly phrases like "I WANT DESSERT" which is shoutable and shakeable.

This is the CD that was chosen as the kids' favorite Kids CD for the summer. Maddie, age 4, seems to like it in particular - she is my screamer and drives me nuts and I'm sure leaves the neighbors wishing they could have their nice quiet neighborhood back. Oh well - she'll only be 4 going on 14 for a while longer. Gianna doesn't care about the words yet (she's 18 mo) - she likes that she can jump and scream (yes, I have two of them) while dancing....

I Want Dessert
Bubbles In My Bath
Goo On My Shoe
Little Red Car
That's Who I Am
Don't Eat The Mailman Doggie
HCT Theme Song
Watermelon Felon
Spill The Beans
Hey, Dolly
Robby Dobby
I Like Toys

Take a listen to some of the above tracks. 
This CD is available for purchase now.

Learn more about Here Comes Trouble & follow along @: Website / Facebook  

Disclaimer: I received this CD in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dancing to Kids' Music & Stories #1 ~ The Merry Pranks of Master Till

One of the things my daycare kiddos have always enjoyed doing whether they have an abundance of energy or not is dancing in my living room. I have probably 15-20 kids' CD's in every genre available: classical, baby, christmas, VBS, Bible Verses as well as good ole American Rock N Roll. 

I received 3 new CD's this month and of course the kids have a favorite and I have a favorite. I found that these were all a little more Folk Art type music verses your standard Rock N Roll. Many of them have a variety of instruments that you won't see in a typical band and the Merry Pranks of Master Till has a full orchestra in the background. 

The Merry Pranks of Master Till 
London Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Stephen Simon of Maestro Classics

The medieval tale about a boy named Till are set to Richard Strauss' classical tone poem, Till Eulenspiegel. Till plays tricks on people to show them that they may not be as high and mighty as they think! Twisting the words of professors and bakers, tailors and priests, Till travels the countryside. In the end, however, he discovers that the world has little patience for his antics.

There is an enclosed 24-page activity book which includes the stories of Till illustrated by Giles Laroche, a biography of Richard Strauss, information on the French horn, a crossword puzzle and more! The Merry Pranks of Master Till is available on CD or MP3 download here.

My Thoughts:
I've heard 3 of the CD's so far that make up the Maestro Classics library and The Merry Pranks of Master Till is the most recent. See my review for The Soldier's Tale. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them & love hearing the accent of Yadu who is the Narrator. The music is upbeat and the orchestra is draws you into the emotion and movement of the story. 

I do have a small warning: The only thing I didn't care about with this particular story is that Till is hung near the end of his story - BUT as we all know Fairy Tales all have a reason for the story and the original stories had a purpose which was to teach children (and probably adults too) that crime, lies, stealing, being cruel or disobedient never paid and the consequences aren't fun. I do need to say though -My eldest is almost 8 and doesn't even know what it means when it's said someone was hung. So, I doubt he would connect with that particular consequence of Tills behavior.

Right now, there are 12 CD's in this series of Stories in Music. You will find the following stories on their Website. These make a great gift especially if you can find the original picture book to go with them & they are great to listen to in the car or at rest time. I'm sure many of the Titles are familiar to you and definitely to your kiddos! 

Peter and the Wolf
Carnival of the Animals
The Merry Pranks of Master Till (I own this one)
The Tortoise and the Hare
The Story of Swan Lake
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (I also own this one)
My Name is Handal
Juanita the Spanish Lobster (I've read this book - it's great!)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Casey at the Bat
The Soldier's Tale (I also own this one)
Juanita la langosta espanola
Swan Lake Orchestral Version

Currently on sale: 
(Pls check price before ordering as I don't know 
how long they are on sale!)
The Complete 12 CD Collection
The Complete MP3 Collection

Maestro Classics is an award winning classical music & educational company that produces CDs with stories for kids & parents that are performed by the London Philharmonic. Some of the awards they have received are: Parents' Choice Awards, NAPPA Awards, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Platinum, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, The Teachers' Choice Award, School Library Journal Audio of the Week, Creative Child Magazine Awards, Children's Music Web Award, Dr. Toy Awards, ALSC Notable Children's Recordings - Editors Choice, ALA Booklist - Editors Choice Award, iParenting Media Award, PTPA Media Awards, Mom's Choice Award.

Learn more about Maestro Classics & follow along @: Website / Facebook 

Disclaimer: I received this CD in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy.

Reviews coming in July!

In July I have 2 books that I will be reviewing both are emotionally charged and books that make you THINK as you read. I've already started reading both and I think the common denominator between two, although written by 2 different authors and with vastly different themes, is the sad detail of how cruel people can be and how they can twist circumstances to what THEY want to SEE.

YA Bullying Survival Guide (written by a 16 year old)
by Aija Mayrock
ISBN: 978-0545860536 
Release: June 30th, 2015
PreOrder Now

About the book:
19 year old Aija Mayrock is a girl who has experienced bullying firsthand. Instead of letting her experiences break her down, she channeled her positive energy into writing and self-publishing The Survival Guide to Bullying, where she shares the strategies that helped her survive and thrive. Aija writes about how to handle bullying, cyber bullying, dealing with fear, personal safety & ultimately creating the life that you dream of having. Aija is also an accomplished screen writer. Her film Diego received a Siver Key from Scholastic's Art & Writing Awards. Visit Aija online at www.aijamayrock.com and meet her on Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/116819745

This guide includes helpful tips for kids & parents to refer to whether their child is being bullying or bullying someone else purposefully or without realizing that's what they are doing. 

The Mapmaker's Children
by Sarah McCoy
$18.80 (hardcover)
$10.99 (Kindle)
Available NOW!

About the book:
Sarah Brown, the vibrant, talented daughter of abolitionist John Brown, is dynamically changed when she stumbles onto her father’s work on the Underground Railroad shortly after being told the shocking news that she won’t ever bear children. Realizing that her artistic talents may be able to help save the lives of slaves fleeing north, she becomes one of the movement’s leading mapmakers, hiding maps within her paintings while bigotry and hatred steer the country toward a bloody civil war.
Interwoven with Sarah’s adventure is the present-day story of Eden, a modern woman desperate to conceive a child with her husband, who moves to an old house in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and discovers a porcelain head hidden in the root cellar—the remains of an Underground Railroad doll with an extraordinary past of secret messages, danger and deliverance. Sarah and Eden’s connection bridges the past and present, forcing each of them to define courage, family, love, and legacy in a new way.
"Engaging and emotionally charged... Eden's realization that "what fable and history could agree upon was that everyone was searching for their ever-after, whatever that may be" neatly sums up the novel's heart - it's about the family and the life we create, not always the ones we imagine for ourselves." - Kirkus
"McCoy deftly intertwines a historical tale with a modern one.... lovingly constructed.. passionately told.. The Mapmaker's Children not only honors the accomplishments of a little-known woman but artfully demonstrates how fate carries us in unexpected directions, no matter how we might try to map out our lives." - The Washington Post
Stay tuned for these reviews: 

Disclaimer: I received these books in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Post #2 ~ doTERRA Deep Blue

(Note: This is a sponsored post)

I waited to do this review because I wanted to see how well I tolerated this product as I am extremely sensitive to most pain medications and I have found that other brands of essential oils have had NO or VERY LITTLE effect on my pain levels. I wanted to be able to give you a true & honest opinion. =D

I received an individual sample of the Deep Blue Rub and also a bottle of the Capsules. I personally liked the convenience of using the capsules as I could take them in the morning. Most days I took 2 capsules before bedtime and I would wake up feeling great especially in my lower back, head and hips! I liked that I could take them as needed or I could make them part of my daily regimen (if I had one - I don't take any meds so that is not necessary for me). I only used the Rub one time at bedtime and I found it helped me faster and that it's not greasy and has a pleasant smell which I liked. Both the tube and the individual packets would be convenient at work and the packets would be helpful as you can throw them in your purse or pocket making them ideal for On The Go people!

doTERRA Deep Blue is available in several types of products to make it convenient to use as well as easy. You have the choice of a Rollerbottle which is already mixed with the carrier, a RUB or Cream (available in a 4 oz or individual packets for your pocket or purse) or Capsules (take 2 per day, Vegetarian) or you can purchase the actual essential oil blend and mix it using your choice of carrier oil (I like to use Vit E Oil - but you could also use fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed, olive oil, avocado - Vit E and Avocado are very healthy for your skin and that's why I personally use those two.)

Personally I will be reordering the Capsules when I run out. I liked that I had no reactions such as nausea or upset stomach after taking them. I also liked that I can use it with the Deep Blue Rub and the Deep Blue Soothing Blend.

This product is formulated according to doTERRA's "NONE OF THE BAD PHILOSPHY" of not using harmful ingredients including artificial colors, diethanolamine (DEA), formaldehyde donors, ©2011 doTERRA Global Holdings, Limited Deep Blue Rub PIP6.20.13 parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), toluene, and triethanolamine (TEA) Key Ingredients. I like that they have a concern about what ingredients are entering our bloodstream and have taken a stand to do the right thing.

Learn more & purchase:
Deep Blue Rub is a combination of essential oils that provides targeted comfort to tired, sore joints and muscles. Has close to 5 ml of doTERRA's top-selling Deep Blue essential oil blend of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, German chamomile, helichrysum and osmanthus.

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex (Capsules) delivers polyphenol extracts of frankincense, turmeric, green tea, ginger, pomegranate and grape seed. Take as needed or daily for long lasting benefits.

Learn more about doTERRA essential oils by contacting Amber at any of the following sites:
Amber Nordstrom doTERRA Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn

Disclaimer: This is a "sponsored post". The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Summer VBS #1: A lesson for not only Kids!

This week we are doing VBS at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church & Preschool way out on 96th & Harrison here in Omaha. I have been very impressed with their program, the praise & worship services they have at start & closing. I'm finding it meets my needs as well as the kids.

Everest - Conquering Challenges with God's Mighty Power!

Don'cha just want to shout MIGHTY POWER! 
(and PUMP your fist a few times Arsenio style?)

I wanted to share a little about my thoughts of this powerful and thought provoking program. Everest is a VBS program designed by Concordia that teaches kids (and grown ups too) that:

God Provides ALL Our Needs (2 Corinthians 9:8)
God Heals the Broken Hearted (2 Corinthians 1-4
God Comforts Us (Ps 147:3)
HE is a God of Forgiveness (Nehemiah 9:17)
Everyone Who Believes on Him with have Eternal Life (John 3:15)

Today's lesson was that God Heals the Broken Hearted and one of the Mini Lessons presented in the Closing session where all the kids meet to Praise & Review what they have learned touched me as I have thought over how I can best help one of my littles work through some issues he is struggling with. Here is what I posted on FB:

"Today's lesson was on our hearts and what makes them SAD. The speaker took a 1/2 heart and listed things that made him sad. Then he took the other half of the heart and did it again. Then he talked about how we can put our hearts back together. He sat down and put a small piece of red tape across both pieces of the heart so it held together. (But both pieces could be moved). The heart wasn't healed. So the speaker ran a long piece of red tape down the center seam of the heart & it made a CROSS. The cross of Jesus can heal our hearts & our hurts.
What a great image for our kids!
(I've seriously GOT to start videoing these these image lessons - they are truly something I can use with the kids!)"

My thoughts: This afternoon during our "rest time" (VBS has kind of put a dent in that this week) I made up a heart for each of the kids. I didn't have any red ink so I used marker and Made up the cross after I cut the 2 pieces of the heart apart. I talked it over with one of my daycare parents and we are going to use it in different ways for our kiddos. One of the children we will use it for Anger Management & the other we will use it for FEAR management. We are going to by those little mini sticky notes and let the kids write out their FEAR or Anger issue as they happen and show the kids how they can take their problems to the cross. What an amazing visual lesson this will be!

I'd love to hear how you have helped your kids with their FEARS or ANGER issues - please feel free to share below if you are comfortable. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Positive Discipline: The First 3 Years

Positive Discipline: The First Three Years

Revised & Updated Edition
From Infant to Toddler - Laying the Foundation for Raising a Capable, Confident Child
by: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D, Cheryl Erwin, M.A. & Roslyn Ann Duffy
ISBN: 978-0804141185
$13.45 (paperback)
$11.84 (kindle)

About the book:
The celebrated Positive Discipline brand of parenting books presents the revised and updated third edition of their readable and practical guide to communicating boundaries to very young children and solving early discipline problems to set children up for success.

Over the years millions of parents have used the amazingly effective strategies of Positive Discipline to raise happy, well-behaved, and successful children. Research has shown that the first three years in a child's life are a critical moment in their development, and that behavior patterns instilled during that time can have profound implications for the rest of a child's life. Hundreds of thousands of parents have already used the advice in Positive Discipline: The First Three Years to help set effective boundaries, forge strong foundations for healthy communication, and lay the groundwork for happy and respectful relationships with their young children. Now this classic title has been revised and updated to reflect the latest neuroscientific research and developments in positive discipline parenting techniques.

My thoughts:
Gianna (18 months) is in screaming fit, temper tantrum, "that's mine" phase of life and luckily hasn't started the kicking stage. Since she can't talk yet she's not in the whiny, poor me, insolent stage yet (that's the 4 year old) we are doing well. This week though Gianna started biting (lightly thank heavens) stage and to be honest of all the stages this is the one we've been dreading the most as I do not believe in the "bite them back" method of discipline.

So, what can we do?

Enter Positive Discipline: The First Three Years by Jane Nelsen, ED.D, Cheryl Erwin, M.A. and Roslyn Ann Duffy. To me this book is divided into 3 main themes (sort of):

  1. Baby & Child Development: Bringing home baby, getting to know her and brain development and WHY your baby & toddler does what they do. It also covers Emotion Skills, Language, doubt vs shame, Age Appropriate Behavior, Temperament - all within the first 2 sections. 
  2. Your Child's World covers Planning Ahead, Sleeping, Toileting, Eating (or not), Getting Along (we need this one for Gianna & Madison (age 4) in a big way now).
  3. The World Outside Your Home: Connecting with the Natural World (Exploring the world physically & emotionally). How kids learn, creativity & reducing stress). 
There were several things I particularly liked about the book. The authors advocate not using the screen as a caregiver with younger children. They advocate a minimal use of television or screen time with kids under 3 and something I completely agree on: No (younger) child needs a TV or computer in their room and older kids that have a TV in their room routinely score lower on tests. 

They go on to give alternatives to screen time, encourage parents to take an active role with play and asking questions to extend what they are doing. (I don't 100% agree with this - I personally believe kids need to have time for themselves without an adult butting in constantly asking questions, directing their play - let them be kids - what I do like is that they encourage positive interactions with parents & kids). They also give a great cheat sheet with questions to ask before any screen time - Does it replace interactions with real people? Is it "bookish". Does it replace hands-on experience? and more....

At the end of each section are a few questions - Questions to Ponder - to help you think about what you just read. It gives you an opportunity to explore your thoughts on the subject, journal about it & plan you Action Plan in motion - Mull It Over.

This book is packed full of helpful ideas. As with all things you need to take the time and decide what YOU think, is it usable with your family and belief values? Every page has small chunks of information you can use and tweak as needed. Excellent parent resource.

There are several other books in this series. Feel free to click on any of the titles to learn more & order if you are interested. Thanks!

          Positive Discipline: A Teachers A-Z Guide http://www.amazon.com/Positive-Discipline-Childcare-Providers-Practical/dp/0761535675/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1434071096&sr=8-11&keywords=positive+discipline+by+Jane+Nelsen  

Disclaimer: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Summer Reading Suggestions ~ How Huge the Night

2015 Summer Reading Suggestions
How Huge the Night

Here is another book I reviewed way back in 2011. It's one of those books that stays in your head and makes you think. It's interesting to see the book through the eyes of a young person lived through that period of time. Yes, it's fiction but it's very real and I can guarantee your kids will be thinking of something other than the newest styles or the latest violent video game. It will give them a boost in compassion and hopefully they will stop and think before they speak. 

How Huge the Night
by Heather Munn & Lydia Munn
ISBN: 978-0825433108
$13.54 (paperback)
$9.99 (kindle)

About the book:
15 year old Julien Losier is angry, frustrated, and itching to do something. After his family relocates to southern France to outrun Hitler's menace, they open their home to a Jewish boy needing refuge. Then Julien meets Nina, a young Austrian who has fled her home by her father's dying command. Nina's situation is grave and Julien suddenly realizes the enormity of having someone's life or death depend on him.

My original review & current thoughts: (please note: current thoughts will be italized - I haven't added a lot to this review as my original post covered much of what needs to be said.)

How Huge the Night is easily one of my favorite books this year. The historical aspect of the story is amazing and the book was very engrossing from the very first page on. The book itself was written for 14-17 year olds but definitely goes beyond that age group.

Julien is a 15 year old boy, uprooted from his home & forced to share his family with an "outsider". Benjamin is Jewish, stand-offish, smart, rich & not friendly. The boys of the village Julien's family has moved to are unfriendly, consider HIM an outsider (even though his family had lived in that region for generations) and not only that Julien's father is a teacher at his new school & planning on opening a new Christian school the following year which Julien blames for the move. You see the anger filling Julien and he has a choice - is it going to consume him or is he going to sweep it away?

This story through Julien's eyes teaches about prejudice & how he can support and encourage those being treated wrongly and stand up to the community for what is right. It begins with Julien learning how his own family escaped from persecution and helps to build this town they are now living in and continues with a challenge: his Grandfather challenges him to pray that God would show him what He wants Julien to do. In return his Grandfather would pray that the boys at school would "see the light".

Julien accepts this challenge and you begin to see Julien slowly change, his eyes are opened to what Benjamin must be feeling ~ his loneliness & anger to what is happening to his people. He sees France fall to Hitler & you see Julien's prayer change "that God would show him the road He wants him to go on" and then Julien begins to pray that God will help him learn to "love and forgive" his enemies. He learns to pray and speak without pride and hate.

"...resist with the weapons of the Spirit; without fear, without pride, and without hate."

Parent's I strongly encourage you to read this book with your teens. Extremely well written, engrossing and challenging ~ this book will open the gates to conversation about prejudice and persecution giving you the opportunity to teach your children to stand up for what's right. 

How Huge the Night is a compelling, coming-of-age drama that will keep teens (and their parents!) turning the pages as it teaches them about a fascinating period of history and inspires them to think more deeply about their everyday choices. 

Learn more about the book, the authors and find discussion questions to be used with Youth Groups & Students on their website HERE.

Heather Munn and Lydia Munn are a mother-daughter team who wrote the book together. Heather grew up in France and lived there from the age of 2-17. She knows first hand the people, the countryside and the history of this country and the personality of it's people. The story itself is based on events that occurred during WWII and even through the town of Tanieux doesn't exist the town is based off another French town.

CozyReading+Spot  Booknificent Thursdays 
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

doTERRA Introduction Kit ~ my thoughts & Giveaway!

I've been using essential oils for about a year now and recently I had the opportunity to try the doTERRA Essential Oils Introduction Kit which contains 3 of the most used essential oils: Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint. Amber Nordstrom was kind enough to supply me with the Intro Kit and also a bottle of Deep Blue which is a Pain Management product (I will be doing a separate review for that).

The Introductory Kit is a great opportunity for someone that is not experienced with essential oils to try them and see if they are something you can use in your daily life. Essential Oils are versatile and can be used in more ways than you think and I'm sure in you have any questions Amber would be happy to visit with you by phone, email or even on Facebook. You are also welcome to join Amber and I at a informal, relaxed ONLINE information event where you can ask questions, learn more and maybe even WIN some oils for yourself!

My Journey: Over the last few years I have shared with you my health journey and that I love to test and share products that help those of us with chronic issues to live a more satisfying lifestyle. I will try to share my experience with you without breaking any government rules/policies so if you have any questions - please email me @ wswpub2(at)gmail.com or contact Amber on Facebook HERE.                                                                                                                         I am going to tell you a little about each oil - the cheapest way to purchase your oils is by purchasing the Introduction Kit which contains 5 mL bottles of each of the 3 oils I'm talking about (Kit: $26.67, great way to sample the oils) or if you just need to restock your medicine cabinet you can click on each of the links below & get the larger bottles. 

The first oil I used was Lavender (15mL). I'll be honest I've NEVER liked the smell of Lavender. In the store it's always stale & musty smelling - I've been very pleasantly surprised with how light and floral the scent is as an essential oil. Lavender is widely used for it's calming & relaxing qualities, it helps soothe skin and helps it to recover quickly and also eases muscle tension. I personally like to diffuse it with my diffuser in the bedroom or on my personal diffuser necklace that a friend gave me. I can wear the necklace anywhere and enjoy it's calming benefits - no need for a plug in or water.

Then I tried Peppermint (15mL) - the scent of this essential oil reminds me of a Peppermint Patty. This essential oil promotes a healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. I like to add a drop to my water for occasional stomach upset and it's often used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral health. I used Peppermint in my diffuser as well as my necklace during the holidays - it put me in the mood for the holidays & made my house smell good at the same time! 

Lemon (15mL) is the last oil in this little kit. Lemon can be used for more than cleaning your home - yes, it makes your house smell awesome but it also has many other uses: Lemon cleanses & purifies the air and surfaces. It's very easy to combine Lemon with a few other inexpensive ingredients to make your own Window & Mirror cleaner, Sink/Tub cleaner or floor wash. You'll find it's less expensive to make your own then buy it in the store. It also naturally cleanses the body & aids in digestion (use doTERRA'S Lemon Essential Oil - their oil isn't acidic so it isn't harsh on teeth enamel like lemon juice + you aren't getting the germs & chemicals from the rind of an actual lemon! dipped into your drinking water). Lemon promotes a positive mood & cognitive ability, helps ward off free radicals with it's antioxidant benefits & can also soothe an irritated throat.

Learn more about doTERRA essential oils by contacting Amber at any of the following sites:

Amber Nordstrom: doTERRA WebsiteBlog / facebook / twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn    

Would you like to learn more about Essential Oils and HOW you can use them in your home? Perhaps you have something specific you want to visit with Amber about to see if EO's can be helpful with your particular needs? Join us: 

June 22nd @ 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST

  • Basic Introduction to doTERRA essential oils
  • Use them safely
  • WHY they work effectively
  • The most important oils to keep on hand
  • Emotional, physical & even medicinal benefits
  • Reduce your costs & save money, all while making over your medicine cabinet
  • and did I mention lots of FREEBIES?
  • and MORE!
Please NOTE: The giveaway has ended & RENA of An Ordinary Housewife WON! 
She should receive her PRIZE on Monday or Tuesday (the 22nd or 23rd of June)

Lastly, Would you like a chance to WIN a trio of doTERRA EO's? Just click on this image to enter! This giveaway is sponsored by Amber Nordstrom who is responsible for hosting this giveaway and distributing as well as mailing the prize. Thank you Amber!

Disclaimer:  This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Giveaways/Reviews posted @:
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