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Combine Goal Setting & Scheduling with the Tools4Wisdom Planner

Tools4Wisdom Planners
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Several years ago I was at an Usborne Books meeting and one of the consultants had invested in a planner that was goal focused and also encouraged her to prioritize her daily tasks/goals at the end of the day. I thought it was a neat set up but never ordered one. A couple years ago when I started up my In Home Daycare I started looking around for something similar and even contacted one of the other consultants to see if she remembered what planner that was that was shown at our meeting and she couldn't remember which it was either.

Fast forward oh, 8-9 years and suddenly I find myself overwhelmed. The last couple of years I've put something together on my computer but it just wasn't quite fitting my needs. Between the daycare and my Simply Aroma business I really needed something that would help me stay organized. I am not very good with goal setting and/or follow thru & frankly the idea of doing every step of this planner is a bit to much for me - but then I don't think that is truly the idea behind a Goal Oriented Planner. To me I think it's more important to start in the areas you can do and then make an effort to add in 1 or 2 new tasks.

The Tools4Wisdom Planner which is one of the Top Rated Planners on Amazon & has several tools to help you succeed with Goal Setting:
1) A monthly calendar (I excell when using monthly calendars!)
2) A double page spread where I can list my main goals, new ideas for meetings, marketing, products, and also to prioritize my actions.
3) The beginning of the book starts with a very easy to read set of instructions on how to set Goals and also how to use my new planner.
4) Each month ends a set of pages where I can write notes to myself about Goal Completion, a section on Goals and how I did in completing them & reflecting on my success.

I can see myself using the monthly calendar for meal planning & tracking attendance for the daycare and using the weekly calendar sections to keep track of my Simply Aroma business: hostess coaching, orders, parties, training & more. Like I said above I'm not a very goal oriented person - but really this planner can be used in many many ways to suit your goal setting style (or not) and your priorities and needs.

Update 1/11/15:
I've now been using the planner for a couple weeks and more regularly in the last week. I think I'm really going to like using this planner more and more as the year goes by. There is plenty of room on the actual calendar to note school holidays, which kids I'm having when, all the little details a daycare (or nanny/parent) could need - dance, tutor's, school holidays, birthdays, etc.... as well as the all important vacation! lol I'm using the daily planner for my other business - to write notes from webinars, hostess info, directions, a to-do list and so on.

What I'd really like to see added to the planner is:
1) A Contact Section - family & business addresses/phone numbers
2) A section for websites/passwords (!!!) and notes about those websites.
3) Monthly Tabs on the side to easily find each month. I find myself going back & forth as I plan certain parts of the year in advance & as I set up my income/expenses spreadsheets on the computer & this would really help a lot. I keep forgetting to check at Walmart to for these little tabs.

Another thing I liked as I learned more about the Tools4Wisdom Planner is that they are working with active volunteers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to evolve & continuously launch new features in future planners. Maybe I'll see my suggestions in next years planner. =D

Learn more about Tools4Wisdom Goal Planners at:

Disclaimer: I received the Tools4Wisdom Planner in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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