Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gabriel ~ Kid Inventor needs some help!

How many of you remember the old Choose Your Adventure Books of the 1980's? These books were written to draw kids into and encourage them to pick up a book and have some control in how the story went. 

Creative Storytelling
Today I learned about a boy named Gabriel who has created a game of Storytelling Cards - a deck of 54 cards that kids can use for storytelling or as a fun game to play with their family & friends. Teachers can use it for Journaling or Writing exercises, Preschool Teachers can use it as Story prompts for memory building to help little ones  make up their own stories. 

You can help Gabriel get funding for his game on IndiGoGo - his goal is $5500 and so far he has 16 benefactors and $288 in his fund so he still has a little ways to go... Click Here to help him out.

Just a heads up part of the funding will also go towards the producing of more books in The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut & Biscuit Bill Adventure Series. These books are science based and teachers in school districts or homeschools will be able to use them for students in the 2nd - 5th grades. These are mysteries that cover such topics as animal tracks, rocks & minerals, weathering erosion & art. You can learn more about these books on Gabriel's funding page as well as see the book covers. Or go to his mom's author website .

Please feel FREE to leave an encouraging message for Gabriel on FB HERE and then help them out with a ReTweet here: 

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