Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jack Templar Monster Hunter and Reaching Your Reluctant Reader Review

Jack Hunter Monster Hunter
by Jeff Gunhus
ISBN: 978-0988425903
$ 9.86 (paperback)
$   .99 (kindle)

My thoughts:
This new Middle Grade book opens with a 13 year old's LAST SUPPER before he learns the truth about who he is and who his family is (or was). Jack Smith is our hero and he is a Monster Hunter. And the Monsters want to KILL HIM. Jack Templar Monster Hunter shares his experiences as he tries to stay 1 step ahead of the monsters!

There are several reasons this book is a must on your kid's bedside table. 
1) Monster Hunter is very well written. It's written like a diary and completely in 1st person. Usually I found this method very hard to read but this time it sucked me in and held me till I got it done.
2) You can tell the author took the time to write this story correctly - it catches a kid's attention and makes him WANT to read. The writing is very smooth, spelling & grammar is correct and very easy to read.
3) Action oriented - You kid will be on the edge of their seat throughout the whole book.
4) Read Aloudable (is that a word?) - I strongly encourage you to read this book with your kids at night (maybe not to close to bedtime if you are reading with younger kids). It's perfect to read aloud to kids 8 and up into early high school!

I'd say this book would be good for boys and girls 6-7 years and up. There is mention of Jack seeing a corpse floating face down in the river as he flies overhead (and it is about Monsters but we all know - Boys especially love Monsters and being scared). If your kids enjoyed Percy Jackson or Harry Potter books they'll enjoy this series. There is some violence. So, you need to really know your kid and what he/she can handle emotionally. Try reading it first if you aren't sure.

About the author:
Jack Templar Monster Hunter is book #1 of what will eventually be a 7 book series (Book #4 just came out October 2014). I wrote Jack Templar as a way to get my 11 year old reluctant reader excited about reading. It worked and he's now an avid reader. I wrote about my experience with him in a book for parents called Reaching Your Reluctant Reader. This small parenting book is available on Amazon with 100% of author proceeds benefiting Toys for Tots Literacy Program. 

You can purchase Reaching Your Reluctant Reader on Amazon to read on your Kindle device or computer for $1.99 here or purchase a hard copy for $6.26 here.

As a father of 5, giving my kids a passion for reading has been a challenge. Some of them immediately gravitated to books... others not so much. My experience with my reluctant reader forced me to research creative ways to encourage reading. I hope you agree with me that parents could benefit from the tips I discovered and listed in the Amazon article.

While I wrote the book for middle graders, the Jack Templar series has found a great audience with readers from upper elementary school through adults. Essentially, its the same audience who enjoyed Percy Jackson and Harry Potter books. The books are full of adventure to grab hold of even the most reluctant reader, but each book carries a positive message. Book 1 discusses how bravery is not being fearless, but doing the right thing even when you are afraid.

Disclaimer: I received on or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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