Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple changes for the year ahead



Year after year I make plans to do something different in my life, to shake it up and move it onward.  I've gotten into a rut and being single and a woman in Omaha, NE hasn't helped any.
Every year it's - "this year I'm going to lose weight" or "this year I'm going to go to church every Sunday" - but then it fizzles and burns out with no motivation or progress made.

This year I decided to do something a little different.  It's not - "lose weight", "exercise more", etc.  I've decided to use my blog to motivate myself.  Here I'm focused on Helping Others, not myself.  Here I'm focused on "making a difference", not setting goals I won't achieve. 

Yes, I still want to lose weight.  Yes, I still want to be more active.  Yes, I still want to eat more nutritiously.  But the focus is ON YOU, and not myself.

That is what the Health Awareness Challenge is about.  It's motivating myself - through encouraging YOU to take care of YOURSELF

Each Tuesday and Friday watch for my newest post.  It could be tips and ideas on pampering yourself or trying something different.  It could be a new giveaway that helps you be more eco-friendly or cook more nutritiously.  Or, it could be sharing a new technique or method that YOU can help someone else.

And hopefully, I will be able to share some weight loss on ME along the way.  LOL

I'm inviting YOU to take a pledge to make simple, positive changes in your life this year.  What are YOU going to do differently this year? 

Are you thinking about - and need to vocalize your plans?  If so leave a comment.  If you'd like a "buddy" to be accountable to - leave your email address like this to avoid spambots:  contact(dot)thebooklady(at) 

Here's a few ideas to get you started...
  • Set up a family game night - to build close family relationships.  No nagging or chores allowed.
  • Lose 25 pounds by Memorial Day - set up a walking club at church and get a buddy to go with you 2 x's a week.
  • Set up a household budget and make it a goal to save $50 a month toward vacation.
  • Want to have a monthly couples night?  Set up a supper club, game night, or a wine tasting at different friends homes each month.
What other ideas do YOU have?

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  1. Aww rats. I didn't realize the quota had been met. When I logged in to read about the blogging op, there were only about 30 posts so far. Your post was good! I also plan to garden better this year so we get a better yield and less waste.

  2. Sounds great! It's hard to set goals that we know we will eventually lose track of. I know, I've done it a million times. Your challenge sounds a lot like our Slim Me Down Weekly Challenge. Enjoy focusing on you and changing your year! :D Hope it's a great one!

    Thanks for hopping with us for Mommy Madness! I'm a new follower and hope you'll follow back.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. New GFC follower from the over 40 hop:) Have a great weekend!



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