Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Turkey Hunt ~ Giveaway Hop

Today I and several other bloggers have joined together for a Holiday Turkey Hunt Giveaway Hop! What does that mean? It means that all of us will have Giveaways and as you hop around you also have the chance to WIN the Grand Prize of an Amazon Gift Card valued at over $100 (at this time) - it just might go up who knows?

I have 2 giveaways coming up - 1 on CCB and GivingNSharing has a Giveaway Package that will help with your Kitchen Chores and Household Budgeting. You can click on this link to go to CCB and GivingNSharing's prizes are right on this post:

The first item in our Giveaway Package is a set of Fridge Coasters! You'll receive the Fridge Pack and also a Large Bin Pack. Are you thinking "HUH?" - Well, Refrigerator Coasters protect your fridge from spills, keep it deodorized so it doesn't get smelly as fast (with 3 kids my fridge doesn't stay clean nearly long enough and 1/2 the time I don't realize they've spilled something (or something is leaking) fast enough) - no Pepe Le 'Pew smells for me anymore! 

This awesome little tool is perfect for Stocking Stuffers, Hostess Gifts, Anniversaries or Just Because! Now Hubbies, this would be a wonderful surprise for you to purchase - but the bonus that would guarantee a Great Big Smooch (and possibly more - you know, maybe a Juicy Steak?) would be to CLEAN the fridge out yourself the night before while she's snoozing.... and surprise her in the morning! (Value - $36, your choice of colors)


Included in our Package is a Two Month VIP Membership to Savings Angel is MORE than a Coupon Generator. SavingsAngel actually trains their members to Maximize Their Savings at the Grocery Store, gives tips on Holiday Shopping (like where to find the best deals - did you know there is a link to find goods on Amazon for 90% off or more?, they have a series of videos to help you learn and my favorite part? Check out their Price Watcher program..... (Click here for more details) - $40 Value

Libre Tea ~ RELAX with your NEW Libre Mug!
Ahhh...a tea moment

While you are setting up your Christmas Dinner Grocery List you can enjoy your NEW Libre Mug. You'll find the Libre Tea Mug to be very versatile. You can use it for both short and long steeping tea, it's portable, break resistant and ideal for using in the car, on the go, early in the morning when you're 1/2 asleep - geez basically anytime! (Click here to read my review) - Value: $32.50

  (RC Gadget has been removed & Winner Drawn)

Address Request - All entrants MUST provide their complete address so when I draw the winner I can forward it to the company and they can fulfill the winner's prize immediately. If you do not wish to leave your full contact information please do not enter this giveaway. I am the only one that sees your information unless you are the winner & then it's forwarded to my contact for shipping purposes only. This enables me to complete the giveaway right away and not have to wait for someone to respond to their email - and I don't have to keep drawing names until someone responds.

Check out the other giveaways here:
Disclosure: The WiC Project and the Holiday Turkey Hunt Blog Hop bloggers are not responsible for prize distribution or for sponsors who do not fulfill their prizes unless it is noted that they are self-sponsoring the prize(s).


  1. Hi. Thanks for having this drawing! Debrah Lerma 5111 Citation Ave Cypress, CA 90630

  2. I am having difficulty with the Promosimple forms. I try to follow FridgeCoaster and Libretea but when I did, the form would disappear. I had to do it manually. If you could use Rafflecopter or Giveaway Tools, that would be great, thanks :)

  3. I'm also having trouble, I can't get the forms to load at all. In fact there doesn't appear to be a form to fill out at all! Thanks for the chance though

  4. I'd like to say Happy Holidays to everyone.

  5. twitted this today, 03/12

  6. Love this, but I'm not on Twitter. Have a great holiday.


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