Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fridge Coasters - keeps produce fresh longer

You know the caption says "Your Fridge Will Thank You" - but you know what? I Thank Fridge Coasters for coming up with something I never in a million years would of thought up. Fridge Coasters are more than just coasters for your fridge. They made my fridge bright & cheerful, keep produce fresh longer, are super absorbant, helps with odors and well, they just made my fridge look pretty.

Fridge Coasters are easy to use, designed for several different styles of refrigerator's and when you receive them you clean out your fridge, cut them down to size and add them to the door trays, the produce bins and you can even use them in the freezer, the pantry and cabinets if you really want to. It ties everything together and makes your kitchen more eye catching and interesting.
How to order:

1) Choose 1 of the 4 styles of refrigerator's shown on the website. You will then be given the recommended sizes of coasters that fit your refrigerator. I have a standard normal kind of refrigerator and these were recommended: 

2) Choose the color and quantity you want to order. I was asked how many bins and trays my refrigerator had and was sent the packs I needed.

3) Suggestions are given for where each kind of coaster can be used. The prices are reasonable and if you find you just need a pack of door trays (because your kids put their exploding science experiment on it) you can order the individual packs you need (each has 2 coasters) or you can order a complete set of coasters (which has a full set of 6 coasters)

Each of the coasters has perforated lines to use to custom cut your coasters to fit your shelves and bins. (the red lines) I received 4 of the large and 3 of the original coasters and I actually cut the original coasters down to fit my door trays. The large ones I used in the crisper doors. I thought my fridge turned out beautiful. =D Next time I think I will order the door coasters just for ease of use - the trays in my fridge are long and narrow so the original coasters actually worked just fine for me.

Fridge Coaster Dimensions

Use them in your produce bins, on wire racks in the freezer (they help your storage bags stay crisp longer - no drooping or cracking), on shelves, in the doors of the fridge and anywhere else you can think of.

Disclaimer: I received a full set of Fridge Coasters to review on GivingNSharing. I was not required to have a positive review and no money exchanged hands.


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