Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Free Hot Samples

Last month I WON the King Arthur Flour Scone Bakeware and 2 Scone Mixes from Momma Told Me and I got it last Friday. As usual I had another long night with no sleep and thought since I'm wide awake I'm going to make up one of the mixes and have those for breakfast.

King Arthur has 18 scone mixes. All you have to do is cut in 8 Tablespoons of butter/margarine, add an egg and milk and blend it all together. The only thing I had trouble with was not knowing if I should just pour the dough in the scone pan or scoop up enough to fill in a section and work around the pan one at a time. I ended up doing each individually.

Aronia Berries: I also added about a cup of Aronia Berries which are really high in Antioxidants and great for people that have problems with chronic illnesses, inflammation, helps to lower glucose and more. (Click here for information). They are pretty tart and definitely not sweet like blueberries are. So if you prefer sweet try blueberries, blackberries - or you can do nuts, dried fruit, coconut, etc.

Jenna at Momma Told Me mentioned in her review that her scones came out a little dry and mine seemed a little "wet" (actually it was like banana bread thickness). That could be because I added the berries or because I used So Delicious Coconut milk instead of regular milk (I did have to cook it for about 10 minutes longer than on the box). Not sure. Why don't you try a mix and see if you have the same results?

The mixes available are:  ($6.95 each unless marked otherwise)
Blueberry Sour Cream Scone Mix            Cranberry-Orange Scone Mix
Cherry Almond Scone Mix                         Lemon-Blueberry Scone Mix
Vanilla Raspberry Scone Mix                    Cinnamon-Pecan Scone Mix
French Toast Scone Mix                           Peaches & Cream Scone Mix
Lemon-Ginger Scone Mix                          Very Berry Scone Mix
Apricot Sour Cream Scone Mix                 Cran-raspberry White Chocolate Scone Mix
Chocolate Chunk Scone Mix                     Cream Tea Scone Mix
Apple-Cinnamon Scone Mix                      Harvest Pumpkin Whole Grain Scone Mix
Strawberry and Cream Scone Mix             Maple-Oat Scone Mix
Pina Colada Scone Mix                              Cinnamon Filled Cream Scone Mix  ($7.99)

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There are lots of recipes on the King Arthur site - check 'em out!

PS: Don't get your berries from Superberries as they are extremely expensive. The place I get it from at the farmer's market sells it for $5 a pound and you can order it in January for the year. (I order 3 pounds for the year and just throw them in the freezer).  I'll find out their information and if you'd like me to forward it - leave a comment with your email info (I can't get your email from Intense Debate Comments)

Well, that was a long rambling post - I hope you enjoyed it. Would love some comments - have you ever used King Arthur's Mixes to make anything?


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