Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer 2016 ~ planning for the fall & a prayer request

Well, how has everything been going for you? I've been very busy lately - so busy I haven't been online a lot.

Kids out of school & yes, they're bored. Sort of....

Between car issues, kid struggles, me being down with a 6 week migraine and G being 2 now. Enough said - hmmmm.
We had a 2 week period with 100 temps - but the last week has been very nice. Yesterday 7/2 it was in the high 60's!! Gasp! Tomorrow 7/4 it's supposed to be in the low 80's so it should be a fairly nice day. =D


I am in the process of setting up the first 2 weeks of preschool for Gianna. We will have 2 themes each month and thanks to my friend Cheryl's wonderful website we have lots of fun things to do & my job is MUCH easier as far as planning!


We will also be participating in activities at Fontenelle Forest and Hummel Park. Both have wonderful preschool programs. Fontenelle does a awesome Art Preschool Program. Centers are set up related to a weekly topic such as birds, insects, winter animals, etc.  Kids can play with playdo, paint, build with blocks, watch the birds in their birdhouses, go for a walk throughout the forest, read stories and there are also fun art projects where you create your project using parts of nature like seeds, flower pods and more.

Hummel Park Nature Nook is a preschool program for kiddos 3-5 approximately although older kids are welcome to join in the fun too. This program is set up on Friday mornings and moms often take picnic lunches and stay after to play in the forest or with the toys in the Nature Center which will be open till about 5 pm. Gianna & Connor loved going to the Nature Center the one time we got to go last year. Bonus: it's only $1 per child.

My other hope is that I can get her involved in the Yoga Kids activity at the community center. We'll see how that goes....

If you homeschool or are a in home daycare share what your plans are for very young preschoolers. Gianna will be 3 in December so we are going to play it by ear. She LOVES learning - she knows her ABC's, their sounds, recognizes their shape and can answer simple questions about them. She also knows her 123's, sings all the time and loves to do crafts or as she calls it her "artworks". LOL

Hope you all find this to be helpful.

PS: I won't be on as much as I used to obviously. Right now, I'm running 3 businesses, and would love to have prayer as I try to fill a spot for a new daycare child. I am down to one and really need a new family. Please pray that this new family is a great fit - all my families for the last 3 years have been christians and I can't tell you what a nice thing that is to have. Thank you!

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