Saturday, October 31, 2015

Natural Therapy Packs ~ Holiday Grand Opening

Hi everyone - I have some exciting news and if you are friends with me on Facebook you already know what it is. If not, you will in just a little bit! 

Most of you know I took most of last year off from blogging. I was tired, not sure of my direction and just fumbling along because I didn't feel well due to my Fibromyalgia & working a full time job with my in home daycare and blogging when I wasn't working. My pain was getting worse, I wasn't walking or standing to well, and well, I was just done. I had no idea if I was going to continue blogging at all - up until about July-August of this year. 

So, what was I doing?
The Nativity

I started by sewing myself a couple of hot & cold therapy packs. Heat seems to be the ONLY thing that truly reaches down and calms my nerves. It's natural, costs me very little, I don't have to do drugs or medications that have the potential to destroy my liver, kidneys, etc. Often times on bad days I can take one of those heat packs and put it directly on my lower back or hips where the pain is the worst and when I wake up my pain is drastically diminished or even gone. 

I had a few requests from friends who found out what I was using, sewed up a few for them, then my chiropractor offered to sell them for me in their office and by November of last year I had started up a new business.

Tomorrow is my Holiday Grand Opening - I'm nervous. I've put a lot of time into it and even though my SEO and my TITLES and my descriptions are not up to par - I'm still moving forward and going to see what happens. It's really exploding and moving much faster than I expected!

I'd like to invite all of you to check out Natural Therapy Packs. The Grand Opening is from November 1-7 and you'll find Hot/Cold Therapy Packs, Organic Lavender Sinus Pillows & Tissue Covers. 

Special Offer for US readers....

Just a FEW of the tissue
packs available!
I am offering all my readers in the US a special offer - purchase a Hot/Cold Large Therapy Pack or a Organic Lavender Sinus Pack and you'll receive a FREE Tissue Cover as a thank you from me. I will do my best to send a matching tissue cover but no guarantees. It depends if I have fabric still for the therapy pack you chose. This offer ends 11/10 and it's only while supplies last.

(At this time, I am only shipping to the US. Hopefully soon I'll be able to ship to Canada or the UK/AU but this year I'm not able to. Sorry about that & thanks for understanding.)

And now, a giveaway!
To get the ball going I am going to host the first giveaway right here on GivingNSharing! I am offering an Organic Lavender Sinus Pillow and a Tissue Pack to ONE reader. Winner's Choice! I do require all entries to: leave their Name, Full Address & Phone/Email Address on the actual entry (do not put it below this post please safety comes first!) - if this info is not left then another winner will be chosen. 

Please note: I am the only one who will see this information - I do not spam and I will not contact you for any reason other to let you know it's shipped if you are the winner & afterwards to ensure you know how to use your new sinus pillow.


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Disclaimer: This giveaway is hosted by ME the owner of Natural Therapy Packs, an Etsy Shop. I am responsible for shipping the giveaway item. All private info on GiveawayTools is only seen by me and will not be used for Spam Purposes or for selling. Thanks for reading GivingNSharing.


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    1. Thanks Cheryl - Its SOOOOO good to see you on my blog! It's been a long long time since we chatted!

  2. Love the one i have- kiddo steals it now so i need more!

    Also not sure where to leave my address- but we know eachother so hopefully if ibwin thats ok ;)

  3. I do know where you live, as well as YOUR Usbourne store, YOUR #, email address, Etc etc etc... Lol

  4. I have used hot packs before. I have lupus and used them on shoulders.

    1. I've had to use them on my shoulders as well. It really helps to relax those muscles doesn't it?

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