Thursday, September 3, 2015

a Sigh of Relief....

Well, today I finished painting my bedroom this beautiful color called "Sigh of Relief". Doesn't that just sound relaxing?

I was originally going to just paint one wall, then one wall and the entrance and then I got kind of messy and said "What the heck - I'm just going to paint the whole room!" I'm glad I did as it's beautiful and relaxing. The girls love it and since Gianna naps in there that's probably a good thing. I didn't put any kind of tarp on the floor and surprise surprise I didn't get any paint on the floor. In fact I got just a tiny bit of paint on my capri's and my arms and that was it - until today. Today I didn't bother to change clothes and ended up getting a spray of paint on the top of my tank top. So, I guess I have paint clothes now.

Two days ago when I started Lily the cat thought she would have a little fun while I was painting the trim. She thought it was great fun LEAPING over my head and then darting past my hands while I was painting just above the wood trim. I yelled at her and threw her out of the room. Today while I was finishing the East wall she evidently snuck in and got into some paint. Im sorry the picture is blurry - but you can see what she did. She isn't very happy in this picture either. I tried to clean it up with a wet rag but it had already dried (after she got paint on the windowsill and I'm sure behind the couch where she was hiding).

Yesterday, I shared a picture of the paint I used. I'm trying to figure out what color of curtains to use with it though. White is out because of Lily the Cat - I'm leaning toward Charcoal Grey. I have a quilt with burgandy/greens & whites as well as a bedspread that has aqua/rose and white so I think it will all tie in well together. This is just such an odd color that it's been hard to picture it in my head. On the North Wall I am going to use a stencil to put diamonds across the entire length. I think it will really make the room pop.

Stay tuned for the final picture - it might take me 6 months to get all the details to tie together as I'm really not that great with decorating anymore. It will be so nice to finally have a relaxing, organized bedroom when it's all over and done with.


  1. What a great color name! Does it live up to its name?

    1. It does. I've been sick since Friday night so I haven't gotten anything done. I was planning on doing the stencilling this weekend and putting the bookcase on the stencilled wall but I'm afraid I've been stuck in bed instead. :(

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  2. It's pretty. Be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ!

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,


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