Sunday, October 26, 2014

What are your tricks to get baby to sleep?

I'm so cute! And I know it!
I just added a couple of posts to a blog hop on FB and came across a post by WordsNNeedles that shows several ways to calmly & gently help your baby go to sleep and found a couple ways I'm already using... (Click Here)

Ms G is now almost 11 months old and she still takes 2 long naps each day which I love and I think she does too because she sleeps well during those times. She doesn't sleep so well for Mom & Dad and they are trying a new technique where they lengthen the time between going in to calm her down and it also involves not touching her. I think Mom called it the Fender (?) Technique. 

I tend to use Lavender Essential Oil when I first starting to watch this baby at 5 months & I don't need to use it anymore. She took I think a 1/2 hour nap if I was lucky and of course she was sooooo tired then. Now she sleeps about 1 1/2 hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon. I try to make sure she is up by 3 pm in hopes that she will sleep during the night - poor mom says the kid just doesn't sleep at night. I've tried to limit her to 1 hour naps 2x's a day and all I got in return was an exhausted baby who just fussed. Her pediatrician said that she is sleeping normally and getting what she needs I guess (which is good for me - not so much for mom/dad).

Here is my routine: I hold baby in the room for a minute or two, talk a bit with her and then put her down, tell her I love her & leave. Rarely does she cry. If she does more than a couple minutes I go in and either 1) put her back on her tummy and rub her back & right leg or 2) pick her up, talk to her a bit and then put her right back in (depends how mad she is - usually she gets mad because she decided that was the right time to have a messy diaper I think in the hopes she can skip naptime - LOL). Then she goes right to sleep.   (So, I admit it - I have an easy baby....) 

So, I am reaching out to find out what is working for Moms, Dads and Babysitters where you live! 

What ways do you help your baby sleep at night (other than putting them in bed with you)? I know I have a few friends that co-sleep and nothing wrong with that =D but what are some other ways to help baby sleep? 

Please leave your wisdom below:

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