Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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OK - I signed up for Instagram but no clue how to use it. Can I link pictures from book reviews, how to's, etc... directly from my blog or do I have to use my smart phone? Huh?

So, I found a website that says I need to add the Instragram App to my Android or I can't use it - good thing I have a Android - huh? So now it's loaded & ready to go..... what now?

1) Can I upload pics already on my camera?
2) Can I set up folders?
     a) 1 folder for Daycare Kiddos?
     b) 1 folder for Simply Aroma stuff (booths, products I've made, etc)
     c) 1 folder for blogging.....
3) How best can I utilize this for business purposes? If people can capitalize on Pinterest for Marketing.... why not Instagram for the same? Is there a class for marketing on Instagram?

Help? Advice?

WHAT? Facebook bought Instagram? Has it become another Roller Coaster from H E Double Hockey Sticks????


  1. I don't use Instagram often, but when I do I upload from, which lets you upload right from your computer instead of a tablet or phone. I don't think there are any folders. Mostly (just my opinion!) for businesses or blogs, I think it's for people to get a sense of who you are, maybe give a sneak peak of a new product or behind the scenes - something like that? Good luck!

    1. OK - I was just looking at it and trying to figure out how I can add a tweet w the picture. Does it use the @ and # signs to tag people & websites? I couldn't figure it out.

    2. Yes. Even if they're not on IG and you use the @ plus their Twitter handle, it will still tag them on Twitter when you click to Tweet it on IG.

      I feel like I just wrote a tongue Twister - LOL!


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