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Unforeseeable ~ The Fall Into Love Grand Prize Package!

Rules of Murder Unforeseeable
Series: Road to Kingdom #3
by Nancy Mehl
ISBN: 978-0764209291
$ 13.49 (Paperback)
$  9.99 (Kindle) 
About the book:
Callie Hoffman has a good life in Kingdom, Kansas. She's engaged to Levi Housler, the new pastor of Kingdom Mennonite Church, and she spends her days working with Lizzie Housler, her friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law, at the town cafe.

When a body is discovered on the road outside Kingdom and the deceased turns out to be the victim of a serial killer, the new county sheriff begins questioning Kingdom residents. Unsettled at the prospect of a killer in Kingdom, Callie is desperate to find answers for herself, especially when her own fiance seems to know more about the murder than he's telling.

As the town battles an entirely unforeseen danger and Callie's very life is threatened, the stakes are as high as they've ever been and the people of Kingdom must learn anew to put their trust in God alone.
My thoughts:
Hmmm - I really enjoyed this book somewhat. Unforeseeable jumps straight into the book with no time to get to know and connect with the characters. There are no descriptive passages and I, as the reader, didn't feel like I was becoming involved in the story.

That being said the story is interesting. It doesn't focus on the Amish - instead it focuses on the Mennonites. The church in Kingdom is learning about leaning on God and not the rules & regulations that govern the Amish and Mennonites. Callie is struggling with believing that Levi loves her for herself and not because he "needs" a wife to be the pastor (per the regulations). Much of her lack of self esteem and emotions is based on her upbringing and the events that occurred when she was 12 (which I personally connected with). I found as I read the story I really wanted to read books 1 and 2 as events from those two books were referred to occasionally. You don't need to read the other two books, Unforeseeable stands alone as a story, but it would of been nice to read Lizzie's & Hope's stories as well as Lizzie's father's story and what occurred to him to cause him to change so much (per comments in Unforeseeable).

I really loved the blizzard scene where Callie & Levi get snowbound in the restaurant where Callie works.The writing is wonderful even though I would of liked to see more descriptive passages. I would also have loved to know more of Ruby's story as well as Callie's mothers story then was touched on in this book (perhaps in the future there will be a book for these stories?).

I liked the positive changes made to Callie's character. The scriptural content isn't strong throughout the book. There is very little scripture shared and you don't see the characters in the book turning to the Bible or Prayer to guide them. However there is much talk about God and how it isn't the outward appearance (wearing plain dress, prayer coverings & controlling ourselves) or  because of the way we are raised to live a certain way (or risking the chance to go to heaven because you made a mistake) but how God values each of us individually.

If you or someone you know enjoys Amish books and isn't really looking for a sermon or a book that supports itself through scripture (and points to where you can find it in the Bible) - perhaps they just want a good mystery on a rainy night - then this book would probably be right up their alley as well as the other 2 books in this series: Unbreakable #2 and Inescapable # 1.

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About the author:
Nancy Mehl is the author of fifteen books and received the ACFW Mystery Book of the Year Award in 2009. She has a background in social work and is a member of ACFW and RWA. She writes from her home in Wichita, Kansas where she lives with her husband, Norman, and...  Continue reading about Nancy Mehl
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