Saturday, May 25, 2013

Body by Vi Update ~ Vi-pak is available at a special group rate!

Yes, Summer is almost here and I for one would love to lose more weight (I've already lost 25#'s!!!) so I can be more active with my kiddos. The ViSalus (Body by Vi) Shakes are great! And the Vi-pak is a great combination of vitamins, minerals and Omega's that help to build UP your immunity and give you the UMMPF to succeed! 

Each days vitamins are split up into 2 packets. You take one in the AM and one in the PM. It couldn't be easier than that. I just throw them in my purse that way if I forget in the morning on the way to the park, preschool playdaze, storytime, whatever.... I can pop them in and keep going. 

Nothing is sexier than being healthy. This combination of multi-mineral, antioxidant and omega supplements can the help you fight the signs of aging to look and be your best self this summer!


Regular price: $125 ~ 6 days left to get it at the $39 price! (save $86!)

More Info & to Order:

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