Friday, February 22, 2013

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I've been using PriceWatchers now for a few months (read my original post here) and I find I really enjoy it. Today I took the kids to Preschool Playtime (at the local community center) and turned them loose and of course the conversation turned to using coupons and how none of us are able to do much (no time ya know?) - so I told them about PriceWatcher which is a sorta new program that released back in October or November.

Price WatcherThe basics of PriceWatcher (and I haven't seen this on any other couponing sites) is that you (the consumer) can set up products that you purchase regularly (or ones you'd like to try but are out of your budget) and set a pricepoint you are willing to spend - once everything is set up - starts looking for coupons and sales on those items and then they send out a daily email telling you where you can find them as well as links to the coupons (or where you can find them).

Please note: there is a small charge for using SavingsAngel - but I find that the savings more than makes up for that small amount and if you click on the ad right above this paragraph you can try it RISK FREE (just because I love you - awww)

Here are a few samples from the email I got today (this is 3 out of about 15):

Whole Foods Market (IL/IN/MI/MN/MO/NE/WI) : 
Applegate Farms Family Size Chicken Nuggets 16 oz
Normally: $8.99      SavingsAngel price right now: $5.99
You'll save 33%!
Act now! This product is 30% or better. Details

Target: Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color
Normally: $8.39      SavingsAngel price right now: $5.89
You'll save 30%!
Act now! This product is 30% or better. Details

Target: Dawn Products. Selected varieties.
Normally: $2.84      SavingsAngel price right now: $1.84
You'll save 35%!
Act now! This product is 30% or better. Details

When I set up my alerts I put a 30% off request and so what I see on my email is all the products I'm interested in - at the stores I specified - at 30% off or better.

Short & Sweet:
"My SavingsAngel Price Watcher is hard at work. Just tell them what you want them to look for, what kind of savings you expect, and which stores you shop. With each deal they find for you, they're earning their wings!"

In closing - I love how personable is. I love that they do the work for me and include all the links and where I can find coupons. They also have a very user friendly tutorial section on their website that explains how to use the website, how to stack coupons & savings and whenever I have a question I can email them and often I get answers directly from the managers & higher ups - they are truly there to serve us! Thanks SavingsAngel!

Disclaimer - GivingNSharing does participate in affiliate marketing on a very limited basis. We only post about products that are designed to save money & time which is very beneficial for everyone not just those of us with chronic fatique & pain. 

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