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Unbridled Grace ~ blog tour

by Dr Michael J Norman
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 978-1457500961
$14.95 (paperback)
164 pages

About the book:
The Power of Choice. God's Greatest Gift to Us Can Unleash the Most Powerful Force on Our Planet. Our Lives, Our Families, and Our World Are Never the Same Again.

A naive doctor fresh out of school was just what the Russian Mafia sought for their fraudulent medical ring. As a surface Christian living a self-absorbed life, Dr. Michael Norman was the perfect hire for their web of evil after answering a two-line classified ad in the newspaper. Months later, it became difficult to distinguish the bad guys from the good guys as Dr. Norman's cooperation was cruelly turned against him by corrupt government officials well aware of his accidental ties to this criminal conspiracy. What follows is a frightening true story that could occur to any of us, and a powerful faith journey to redemption that is made possible only through our Christian faith and the bold use of our power of choice for God.

My thoughts:
Unbridled Grace is a the story of a very young, naive doctor who along with his wife has decided to have his wife be a stay at home mom to their 3 year old. Of course with that decision comes a very tight budget and when the opportunity for part-time work (with great benefits) in a chiropractor's office opens up he goes in for the interview and walks out with a job. What he doesn't realize is that he just interviewed with the Mafia. 

What I found interesting about the book (other than the story) is the way Dr Norman wrote it. Dr Norman used this event as a growing opportunity - with each chapter of the story he has found corresponding scripture that explains what was happening. He is able to explain what/who Satan is, what he was trying to do and what he can/cannot do. Now, I'm not a Catholic so I didn't agree with everything 100% (Virgin Mary, Angels, etc) but wow that part with Satan resonated with me! We need to remember: "He is not all-knowing and does not know what we will do next. He slowly learns about us and alters his attacks accordingly.

On a side note from me: This is why it's so important that we are memorizing scripture - this way we have scripture with us always and can use it to strengthen and shield us. And - Take your Bibles with you to Church - why? So you have scripture there with you - it holds your pastor/priest/leader accountable to you and God through scripture.

He also talked about how God allows trials in our lives to break us - not to hurt us but to cause us to turn toward Him. I love how he said, "You have broken me Father, but have filled me with Love." I never thought of it this way - but it's so true. Not only is God's discipline painful (at times) but it does fill us with love.

This is a wonderful book - filled with scripture to back up what the author is saying. The story is a great one & the corresponding support that Dr Norman includes makes this a well rounded book. Have your Bible with you as you read. Even if you aren't Catholic you will get something from it and the Holy Spirit will use it to break you, encourage you, strengthen you, teach you and fill you up with love.

About the author:
Dr Michael J Norman has owned a family health center offering chiropractic care and wellness programs since 1992. Since 2003, he has served as a staff doctor at a non-profit center offering health care and life services to the indigent and uninsured of his community. In addition to his practice, Dr Norman enjoys writing and speaking and is pursuing a graduate degree in Theological Studies. he lives with his family near Dallas, Texas.

You can purchase a copy of Unbridled Grace for $14.95 on Amazon and it's also available on Kindle for $9.99.

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