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MissioLife is a new kind of Bible Study. It takes groups of people, churches and communities and draws them together. No longer do you have small groups scattered studying different things and in their own little niche ~ Adults, young adults and children all study the same thing designed to meet their needs.

"The church is comprised of the people of God, and like the early church, our faith communities seek to be formed by the story of God in our theology, our faith, our identity, our way of life, and our behaviors."

There are 3 segments to each study:
Breathe (adults) - the MissioLife small-group resource for adults, will help you discover the God, who moves among us, calling us to participate in the Kingdom here and now. As we read the stories in scriptures, we will begin to ask ourselves: What do these stories say to us about God? About ourselves? About the world?

Image (youth) - Through conversation and discussion, Image will help students discover how we all fit into God’s story and explore what Scripture says about God, others, ourselves, and the world.

Rhythms (children age 6-12) - Rhythms invites elementary children, ages 6-12, into the story of God. Using an easy-to-follow small group plan, Rhythms will help children explore a Bible story, be informed by the narrative, and be transformed through reflective questions, deeper thinking, and purposeful prayer to live into the mission of God.

MissioLife with Scott Daniels from MissioLife on Vimeo.

My thoughts:
Many years ago my pastor once commented that he would like to have the whole church study the same thing instead of the Sunday Schools learning one thing, the children studying something else, small groups and ladies (or men's) bible studies studying yet another thing. My first thought was that everyone is at different places in their lives. My interest, my spiritual gifts and my walk with God is different from yours, my neighbors, my small group study partner, etc.

I still feel that way in many ways but I can also see why someone would be interested in a program where everyone is learning the same thing. I would think it would help with communication within families and yet I wonder how a child can discuss a concept such as righteousness or grace with an older more "educated" member of their family. 

I do like how the weekly lesson comes digitally. There isn't a book to purchase for each member and there is 1 page participants handout that can be used for discussion and study at home. Each leader will get a 2 page facilitator's guide to help with planning and preparation. The cost is very reasonable and ideal for smaller churches who don't have the budget for larger kits - all you have to do is print and hand out.

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