Thursday, December 15, 2011

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV
 Watch 100,00 of Movies & Shows instantly on your T

I was at 1/2 Price Books the other day visiting with a lady who's sister is stuck in bed after having surgery, climbing the walls and going nuts. I asked her if her sister had Netflix thinking she could have some movies sent to her and she said yes that they had gotten her a Roku. I think she thought I was totally lost when she said that and she told me that Netflix and Roku have partnered together and you can watch Netflix movies on TV all throughout the house and you can also watch TONS of sports, movies (and yes, I bet even those WONDERFUL home decorating & cooking shows).

You know by now my ears were perking up - I haven't had ANY TV since February of last year when my digital box died. No Criminal Minds, No Blue Bloods, No "Once Upon a Time". I'm starting to go through withdrawal!

Tell me...
Do any of you have Roku? I'm thinking about investing in the box since it's only $59.99 with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee  What has your experience been? What has the cost been for you? I know I have to have a monthly Netflix membership (which I do) - anything else?

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  1. If you get one, let me know how well it works because I am thinking about getting one too!


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