Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi! Welcome to GivingNSharing where I have spent the last year learning about living an eco/green lifestyle. It has been an interesting year and I've learned quite a bit and I know I have much yet to learn. I don't live a eco friendly life 100% - but I have started recycling, using cloth bags more, and I use less gas in my car mostly because I'm not working FT therefore I'm staying home a lot more.

Every year I turn to my Holiday Traditions blog and this year I've decided that for the most part I will be focused on that blog the next 3 months. Occasionally you'll see me on GivingNSharing & Classic Reading for Kids but it won't be as often. Giveaways will occur on my Holiday Traditions blog unless the product clashes to much (it shouldn't since I'm family friendly =)

Thanks so much for stopping by this first weekend of October. I should be back on both of my main blogs again around January 15th - it's time to kick off the Fall & Winter Holiday season on Holiday Traditions!

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