Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayer Request: Trevor Andersen

My friends Cindy & Todd have a 17 year old son who was in a very serious car accident last week and I'd like to ask you to include her son Trevor in your prayers and I'm sure her family would appreciate your prayers to encourage and support them as they go about making major decisions for their son. I'm going to let them explain:

Trevor Andersen is a 17 year old senior at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska. Trevor is the son of Todd and Cindy and brother to Taylor, Tara and Tyler. A loving son, faithful brother and passionate follower of Jesus, Trevor has impacted so many in his short life through his passion for life, affection for humor and infectious personality. He is a talented musician who has chosen to use that talent along with all his others to invest not in himself, but the kingdom of God.

Trevor was in a car accident on Wednesday September 21st, 2011. He is currently at Creighton Medical Center receiving treatment for multiple injuries. Please click on "Read my Story," to hear details and how you can encourage him and his family.

Background Story

On the afternoon of September 21, 2011 Trevor Andersen was driving south on 168th street between Harrison and Q Street. He drifted off the road, plowing into a tree, crushing the front end of his car like a tin can. The impact rendered the drivers side door useless, leaving Trevor stuck in his vehicle which was now beginning to catch fire. Several bystanders came to Trevor's aid, and at their instruction Trevor was able to pull himself from the front seat of the car into the back seat where they were able to break the window and pull him from the vehicle.

Shortly after, the paramedics came and rushed him to the Trauma Center at Creighton University Medical Center. There he began receiving treatment for multiple injuries that include...

Broken lower jaw in three places, broken upper jaw, shattered cheek bones and nasal passage, fractured skull at the top of the neck, broken pelvis at both hips, 3 lumbar vertebrae, and a collapsed lung. Trevor also has a compound fracture in his right leg. 

Over the past 24 hours, its been almost a constant flood of new information from doctors regarding the discovery of new injuries and issues. 

At this point, the family and friends of Trevor are taking comfort in the many ways God so clearly protected Trevor from any life-threatening injuries. Though he has been beaten up badly, he is in stable condition and has already begun to take the first steps toward a very long recovery process. 

Trevor's incredible heart for people was seen in the small communications he was able to make with friends and family in the hours following the tragedy. Even in his worst moments, coming in and out of sedation, he was intentionally active in his desire to comfort his worried mother, and the care for other drivers he thought may have been on the road that afternoon. 

Trevor is an amazing kid with a unique heart for others and an inspiring passion for Jesus Christ and His eternal kingdom.

We are confident today that God, the creator of the universe, maker of the heavens, and author of faith, has a plan for this young life. We believe He wants to use it in a powerful way to leave a lasting legacy of kingdom impact, love and hope. 

Thank you for entering into his story. Thank you for your desire to encourage him in this long and difficult process. Your love and support mean the world. Please come to this site often to encourage him and his family, and to hear updates on his process.

God is good, when our circumstances are hard
God is faithful, when we don't understand
and God is in control when we are out of it.

It is in his sovereign and capable hands that we place Trevor, believing that God will have his way, and that His ways are good... all the time.

From Tina:
I will try to post updates as I can. I know they will greatly appreciate any prayers and encouraging words you would like to leave to encourage their family & Trevor.

Surgery schedules & prayer request:
1) Trevor is set up for surgery on Thursday at 12:30pm to repair his leg fractures. 
2) Dr. Ayoub, the plastic surgeon, is scheduling the facial fracture surgery for Tuesday, October 4th. Praise: In God's Divine timing, Dr. Ayoub attended a conference this past weekend where he networked with colleagues.  He explained Trevor's case and how the high jaw fractures were going to be an issue.  Two colleagues stepped up and volunteered some of their instruments, which will make the surgery easier!  The tools are currently on their way to Omaha! 
3) Prayer: Pray for encouragement and support and pain relief. Also pray for the doctor's to have steady hands during surgery and the ability and knowledge to help Trevor recover.