Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning Tips - Blog review


I was doing a little blog hopping.  I'm not sure yet how I ended up looking at Spring Cleaning except that maybe it was "meant to be".  With a tiny apartment and very little storage I tend to have lots of little piles and some not so little.  My living room is definitely for "living" - it's a TV room, an office, a dining area, a kitchen, a sewing room and a place for boxes from my Usborne Books orders.  I intend to use those boxes for goodwill donations but well, it hasn't happened yet.
I came across Fresh Home Blog which led me to Shelterpop.  For you DIY people out there have you found these two great sites yet?  Fresh Home blog is the online magazine for the Fresh Home Magazine and has a great concept.  One of the unique things they do is have their readers send in pictures of a "ugly" room and then their readers send in suggestions for a remodel.  Ugly room s.o.s.: alison's brown bathroom

Laura Wittmann, founder of and author of the book Clutter Rehab, was recently interviewed on and asked for Spring Cleaning tips.  She basically suggests that you do the job you dread the most first and then break down other jobs into 30 minutes or less.

"You can go about your day feeling a huge sense of relief and satisfaction knowing you've accomplished a chore you've been putting off," she says. "It's very freeing!"

Be sure to read the article and get your Spring Cleaning challenges & solutions:
  • Spring Cleaning Challenge #1:  Cupboards that run the risk of item-avalanche when opened.
  • Spring Cleaning Challenge #2Growing piles, disorganized papers and unpaid bills.
  • Spring Cleaning Challenge #3:  Drawers that don't close properly due to overstuffing.
  • Spring Cleaning Challenge #4:  Overburdened and under-organized linen closet.

Are you inspired for more spring cleaning?    Spring Cleaning: Tips From a Pro by Alison Lind


  1. I saw the book clutter rehab somewhere recently. Trying to decide if I want to check it out.

    Got you message through community messages. Heather @ Mommy Only Has Two Hands is a wealth of info about Bligger. The posts that you referred to are called "excerpts" I don't remember if blogger has that as an option. Heather would know.

    I like your new diggs! Very nice! You don't have a Contact link that I could find, I would suggest that if I haven't just missed it being tired.

    I hope all is well. Can share a few affiliate links if interested.

    I'm also starting a directory / hop I have the page up but not completed. Feel free to enter if you would like.

  2. Love the new look!! I think you have done a great job so far!!

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