Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hylands Costume Contest, ends 11/3/15

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Hi everyone - one of the little gals in my daycare has HORRIBLE allergies. You know the kind, she is on prescriptions in the AM, takes Hyland's Cold N Cough at naptime so she can breathe while she sleeps and I believe she also takes it at bedtime. Her allergies are constant. Poor Kid. It loosens up her congestion and soothes the sore throat you sometimes get will allergies or colds.  I didn't realize they had an Allergy Medicine for Kids so I think I'm going to point that out to Maddie's mom.  

Her mom found Hyland's at the Health Food Store and we were both excited you could find it just down the street at HyVee in their pharmacy. They are reasonably priced and of course you won't use it as often as we do so it should last you a long time. They also have a line of Allergy Medication and I think I will talk with her mom and see if she knows about it. It seems to cover more than the Cold N Cough does and maybe it would help her stay clear of congestion longer.

Displaying Costume20rulelogo.jpegSo, are you creative? When I was a kid we made our own costumes every year. One year I was a Gypsy (that was fun) - I had the skirt, the kerchief, the bells & necklaces - I loved it! I think that may of been the same year my brother dressed up as an Old Lady or maybe that was the year he was a refrigerator (no not the appliance - the football player). I really wish I had pictures to show you. It's time to start digging through Mom's picture box.

I was excited when they emailed me to tell me about the contest. I told them I'd be thrilled to share with you! Hyland's Homeopathic is sponsoring a FUN Costume Contest that will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Adherence to the Halloween theme (35%)
  • Creativity of photo caption (15%)
  • Originality of costume (eg: creativity of costume; costume details - 35%)
  • Quality of the photo (eg: lighting & focus - 15%)
Here's what you do:
1) Details & Entry #1 @  http://bit.ly/1MnpTET
2) Share your ORIGINAL photo on Instagram & Twitter using this hashtag:  #HylandsHalloweenCostumeContest 
3) You MUST be the legal guardian of a child to submit his or her photo (Official Rules).
The Contest begins at 9:01 AM Pacific Time (PT) on October 27, 2015 and ends at 11:59 PM PT on November 32015.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for a Contest sponsored by Hyland's Homeopathic. They are responsible for the contest, judging & prize fulfillment. GivingNSharing is just sharing the information in exchange for some of their product. Thanks for reading GivingNSharing!

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