Wednesday, October 28, 2015

99 Prayers for Children


99 Prayers for Children
compiled by: Juliet David
ISBN: 9781781281918
$9.99 (hardcover)

About the book:
Prayers for every day,
Prayers for special days,
Graces, blessings, praises:
A classic treasury for children.

A companion prayer book to 99 Stories from the Bible with delightful illustrations in a strong, vibrant style and prayers for all occasions. These prayers are a combination of traditional and modern and provide an introduction to family prayer time with young children, bring talking to God to life in the heart of every child.

My thoughts:
This beautiful book is a treasury of poems & prayers written for children. Gigi (22 months) has pulled this book out a few times and asked me to read it to her and I think it's the pictures that are catching her eye. The children in the book along with their toys, meals, families & activities are easy to understand and connect with for her & Madison (4). I do not do a formal devotional with the girls in my daycare & this is not the type of book that you would read from cover to cover anyway. Usually I will let Gigi or Madison pick out a few prayers that they would like to read and then they seem ready to read another book.

I would like to encourage you to remember that it is important for our children to learn that their own personal prayers are pleasing to God (and I think more important for them to learn) this book teaches children that there are many reasons to turn to God whether it's to Thank Him for a new day, Pray for a friend or because we have a need to bring to Him. It helps them learn the words of Praise and Petition and gives them a guideline for prayer making this an ideal book for children. I do like that the book ends with The Lord's Prayer (which to be honest I never learned) and if the girls learn that they will be able to recite it during church services as they get old.

The chapters are:
Thank You God!
A New Day
God's Wonderful World
Family & Friends
All God's Children
Hear My Prayer!
Help Me, Lord!
While We Sleep
Special Days (Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Harvest, Peace & Protection,)
The Lord's Prayer ends the book

Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of 99 Prayers for Children in exchange for my honest opinion. No money exchanged hands and I was not required to have a positive review.   

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