Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Linda Weaver Clarke week ~ Book Tour Day 2

Welcome back to GivingNSharing for Linda Weaver Clarke week! We will be featuring 2 of her books, along with an interview on Saturday and a giveaway (of course). Today we will be featuring.... Mayan Intrigue

by Linda Weaver Clarke
ISBN: 978-1589826168
$19.95 (paperback)
$ 9.85  (Kindle)

About the book:
The discovery of a priceless artifact puts Julia s life in great danger! From valuable artifacts to shady businessmen, the Yucatan Peninsula becomes a dangerous vacation spot for John and Julia Evans. While on assignment for the newspaper, the Evanses try to enjoy a romantic vacation among the Mayan ruins, but when Julia accidentally comes upon a couple suspicious men exchanging an item, she quickly turns and leaves but it is too late. The men have seen her. As a reporter, Julia does not easily give up and her curiosity gets them in a mess of trouble. Before John and Julia realize what is going on, they are both in danger and find themselves running for their lives through the jungles of the Yucatan.

My thoughts:
Linda is back again with Book Two of the John & Julia Evans Adventures. This time John is in the Yucatan on business and Julia has come with him for a little R&R and the idea of strengthening their marriage with a little romance and time spent bonding while on vacation in another country. 

One day Julia is out on a walk while John and their friend Paul are talking and she happens across an exchange of a priceless artifact. Realizing what she has seen, she turns and leaves right away - but from then on she see's someone watching her and following her. Follow along as John & Julia stay one step ahead of artifact thieves, travel (and hide) in the Mayan ruins and the surrounding jungles, struggle through injuries ~ while sticking together and helping each other survive as only a close couple who relies on their faith can. 

Purchase It:
Be sure to check out the 3 books in this series. Anasazi Intrique, Mayan Intrigue and Montezuma Intrigue. Just click on the title and you can read their descriptions, purchase your own copy (paperback or ebook available).

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Win It:
This week Linda is offering 2 winners 1 ebook each. The first drawing will receive the book they want to read Anasazi Intrique or  Mayan Intrigue and the 2nd winner will receive the remaining book. The nice thing about this series is they don't have to be read in order - they are completely self contained and you won't be totally lost if you read the 2nd book first. =D


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