Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bathroom remodeling?

Imagine - Wallpaper with big orange and yellow flowers and a metallic brown background. Yellow 'tiled' flooring in 12" squares that 'stick' on the concrete floor ('stick' means it's not sticking so well anymore) and a brown cheap vanity with flourescent bulbs around the medicine cabinet. Yes, I need a new bathroom!

Balinese Influenced Bath asian bathroom

Bathroom Design is so versatile now. You can really do just about anything you want. Houzz.com has a page dedicated to bathroom remodeling and lots of photos to give you ideas. I spent a little time dreaming and I'd love to have a bathroom with that huge shelf behind the tub (tub will definitely need jets and be 'deep' for soaking) and this vanity and mirror. I think the only thing I would do differently was to lower the mirror a little and have the lighting over the mirror not on the side.

Alexandria Residence contemporary bathroom

I like the darker look and would do a Italian marble or perhaps aqua's and creams with a seaside design.Be sure to go to houzz.com and set up your style book to help you with your design plans. Or you can set up a blog page of your own and start a little dreaming of your own.

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