Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trevor Andersen - Update

Trevor's dad has given us an update on his health and how he is doing. Just so you know, I just copy them from his CaringBridge page that way I don't miss anything. Please continue to pray for Trevor and his family. Prayer requests are at the bottom of Todd's post.  Thank you & God Bless!

written by Todd Andersen
Sunday (week 2) - Morning
“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in ALL circumstances; for this is God’s will for you 
in Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
The apostle Paul was very direct in his final instructions to the church in Thessalonica. What strikes me in these verses are the absolutes he lays out…always, continually, all. There’s no indecisiveness, no floundering, no obscurity.  Paul is telling us to see cause to give thanks for common and uncommon, past and present, temporal and lasting.  God has designed everything for our good, though we may not, at present, see how this can be. It’s HIS will, not mine…and it’s all for HIS glory.
Trevor’s blood cultures came back this morning, and he has developed a staph infection. They will begin to treat it with a different antibiotic (vancomycin), but they do not feel this will delay his surgery on Tuesday.  His temperature is 98.4 and his white blood cell count was down to 18.  Please pray that the infection will be contained, and that his energy level will stay high. 
The surgery on Tuesday will be to fix Trevor’s facial fractures (approx. 8).  He is currently set to go in to surgery at 12pm, and will probably be there for 7-8 hours.  This should be the last major event, as far as major surgery, as his long road to recovery continues.  We do ask for prayer for a few things…
1.        Peace and rest for Trevor over the next couple days, leading up to surgery
2.       Clarity and wisdom for Dr. Ayoub and his team as they plan for this procedure
3.       Minimal swelling to Trevor’s face / neck so he can continue to eat
4.       Peace for Cindy and me, as the previous procedures have made for very long days and sleepless nights
Trevor is enjoying another chocolate milk this morning, his favorite drink.  Although, I’m not sure how much room he’s got left in his belly after the 3 Jell-O cups he ate during the night.  Red Jell-O cups…can you guess how I know what color it was?
~Joshua 1:9