Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trevor Andersen - Update 10/3

Monday (Week 2) Wrap Up

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.”
-1 Peter 5:7
Why would we ever want to walk the road of trouble alone?  How COULD we ever walk it alone?  Troubles weigh us down. Troubles nag us.  Troubles keep us from being what we were meant to be.  This simple verse implores us to cast ALL our cares on God; personal cares, family cares, present cares, future cares, cares for ourselves, cares for others, cares for anything. 
Because God cares about us.  The God of all creation, through His Son, has walked the road of trouble, He knows how we feel and He wants to walk our road with each one of us.  What a God!  What a friend!
Cindy and I have experienced so much of God’s caring for us through His people.  There is not an hour that goes by, here at the hospital, that I don’t find myself thinking about the wonderful people that the Lord has put in our lives.  I’m so grateful we DON’T walk this road alone…We COULDN’T walk this road alone.
Trevor enjoyed his day of resting.  Dr. Siebler removed the splint from his leg and put him in a Cam Boot.  They were hoping to get him in a wheelchair and push him around the hallway, but the physical therapist couldn’t time everything just right.  She’s going to come back in the morning to try again. 
His facial surgery is scheduled for 12:30pm on Tuesday.  Dr. Ayoub and his team are planning for a 7 hour surgery.  I talked with the nurse navigator and the anesthesiologist about Trevor’s pain management in post-op, so we are praying for a better recovery following this lengthy procedure.  Trevor’s white blood cell count is down again, and the antibiotics they are giving him are taking care of the staph infection.  They did change his antibiotic to a less-aggressive (and less side effects) version since the staph infection is not a resistant strain.  This is all definitely an answer to prayer.
I will post tomorrow as often as we are given new information. Please be in prayer as often as you think about Trevor tomorrow.  
~Joshua 1:9
Today was the day for Major Surgery #5 for Trevor. His Dad Todd has been updating us as he knows what's happening: ~ Tina

Surgery #5 Update1
Trevor went into surgery at 12:30pm. He was a little worried & scared about this surgery. I'm not sure if it's the pain he's concerned about or how he'll look when they're done. Before he went down to pre-op, I read Psalm 27 to him. He closed his eyes and I saw a tiny smile. When I was done, his eyes opened up and he asked me to read it again. The power of God's Word is an amazing thing.

~Joshua 1:9

Surgery #5 Update2

I spoke with a nurse in the operating room just a few minutes ago.  She told me that Trevor is responding well to the anesthesia and the procedure is going as planned.

I wanted to add that I had a chance last night to share some of the photos that were sent to me by DJ Hornacek from our church.  Tim Anstead (church facility manager), with DJ's help, was able to gather up some of Trevor's personal belongings from the police impound lot before the car was towed away.  Not knowing if Trevor could handle the photos, I sat with him on his bed and watched his expression after each photo.  Needless to say, he was very somber, but I could just sense that he ultimately realized, thru visual observation, that God spared his life...and he will be forever grateful to his Heavenly Father.

If you get a chance, I've added some of those photos to the tab above.  I hope they serve as a reminder to all of us that we need to start living every day as if it may be our last, and rejoice at the end of every day in God's unfailing love and protection on all of us.

~Joshua 1:9

Surgery #5 Summary
They are finishing up with Trevor's surgery and Dr. Ayoub came out to give us the update...

1.  Trevor had some very difficult fractures in his face.
2.  His upper teeth were impacted at three different levels.
3.  Dr. Ayoub describes the occlusion (bite) on the left side as excellent, and on the right side as acceptable.
4.  He could not plate the upper jaw fractures, so his jaw will be wired shut for 4 weeks.
5.  He may, in the future, have some limited range on his jaw opening / closing.
6.  He had to plate the right side mid-face fractures.
7.  His nose was put back to the mid-line and splints were put in.
8.  Right now, they are monitoring him for bleeding and vomiting.

Dr. Ayoub worked for 8 hours to fix Trevor's fractures.  He has been described to us, by others, as a perfectionist.  We could tell he was disappointed that he couldn't repair the jaw joints with plates, and now it will need to heal on it's own.  Then, I asked him if he wanted to see the pictures of the car.  He sat back in his chair and all he could say was "He's lucky to be alive; he's luck to be alive."

Dental work and orthodontia may be in the future.  Dr. Ayoub did say that once the swelling goes down, he will look like himself again.  Trevor will be in a lot of pain over the next few days and very swollen.  The risk of infection is also a possibility.  

We appreciate all your prayers today and over the past weeks.  We certainly have felt them, and continue to need them.  We haven't seen him yet, so if there is any news when he comes out of recovery, we'll be back...

~Joshua 1:9