Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Breit Eyes Contest sponsored by Mary Englebreit and Airwear

Sept 5-11: Four Eyes Pride Week

Does your kid wear glasses? Change your Facebook picture to show a picture of your kid wearing their glasses with pride (or do a picture of yourself)! You've only got 1 more day to get it posted - so get on the ball and show them at their cutest in the Breit Eyes Contest hosted by Mary Englebreit and Airwear Lenses!

Airwear glasses are:
  • lighter, safer and more impact resistant than standard 100% UV protection.
  • made using environmentally conscious practices in packaging, water consumption and manufacturing waste re-use.
  • the Essilor Junior lenses are 12x stronger than standard lens material and ideal for children and active teens and have a 1 year unlimited warranty from Essilor.
  • 45% lighter and 25% thinner than regular lenses. 
To learn more about Airwear’s commitment to producing lighter, safer and greener eyewear for adults and children, visit  

Mary Englebreit (from her blog)
What could you win?

  • One lucky winner will win: An original sketch by Engelbreit in the likeness of the child in the winning photo, plus a trip to tour Engelbreit's St Louis studio.
  • One runner up will receive a collection of children's books authored and signed by Engelbreit.
Here's what you need to do:
LIKE Airwear's Facebook page:   
Follow the directions to enter the contest
on the entry form 
FriendFeed Buttons Image 1292
Click ME

Submit a photo of your child wearing eyewear. 
Photos cannot exceed 2 MB in size & must be submitted in 
jpg, gif or png format (the rest of the rules)

The contest runs from Sept 1 to Sept 30th. Be sure to enter right away! 

I Hope You and Your's WINS!

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