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Public Savings Announcement

I was recently introduced to a new Savings site that helps families cut up to 60% off their monthly grocery bills. is a new site that does a weekly scouring of all the grocery stores (etc) to find the best deals - then they tell you which store has the best deals. To help you even further they go through and provide links to the coupons (and any freebies they've found) that are available to help you with your savings. Details here

You can click on this link to sign up for your savings program on Savings Angel. There is a monthly sign up or a yearly sign up and

The list of stores they review is very large and I'm sure if there is a store you like they will help you out by checking out those stores. I really like to use HyVee and I didn't see them on their list so I will definitely be talking to them about adding HyVee to their list of stores. I will (and have) shared SavingsAngel with HyVee and hopefully they will be included soon.

Example Savings: I love Whole Foods - I feel like I am getting better value for my food dollars by purchasing products that are nutritious, not full of chemicals or "fillers" and the produce is the best I've seen outside of a farmer's market or a farm garden.

Savings Angel provides links to their coupons, their online savings Market Ad and any other coupons they've found the product you're interested in.

This weeks savings are:


Walmart: You will find a detailed information page about price matching and Walmarts Coupon policy to help you succeed in saving money.


Savings Angel really can help you save serious $! Here's how:
  1. With over 30 stores across the country (and more coming) you are sure to find a few stores that you use.
  2. They offer personal mentoring (including a call from your mentor the first week) to answer any questions and to receive tips to help you save more.
  3. They compare stores & savings for you so you don't have to.
  4. You have access to over 2000 coupons as they are constantly added and updated.
  5. You are able to personalize, organize and print your shopping list.
  6. Savings Angel Academy - teaches you how to maximize use of the Savings Angel database and how to find the savings you need to save on groceries and home items.
  7. Learn from others through the Savings Angel Community, Webinars, the Savings Angel Academy - and you can also ask questions! =D
I am able to offer you a special invitation only offer - just click here! to save.

** Disclaimer: I received 10 days FREE to review the SavingsAngel site and learn how their program works. It's a wonderful site and I plan on continuing to use it. I was not required to have a positive review.**

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