Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spongeables ~ review/giveaway

~ Spongeables ~ 
Spongeables® Lavender Nectar provides a luxurious, tension-relieving way to recover from a bad night’s sleep, get a head start on the most hectic day – or recover one’s equilibrium after a long one. A patented infusion process provides a guaranteed number of uses.  Lavish helpings of rich Olive Oil keep skin soft and restore supple, youthful resilience.  
And then there’s the gentle massage texture that turns from lightly exfoliating to soft and silky when you give it a squeeze…stress and muscle aches disappear down the drain, while the body complexion is buffed to a healthy glow. 
Available in 20+ uses 3.5 oz unit and a 1.2 oz, 5+ use travel size.
My experience:
I really loved the spongeables sponges. I received a two pack of the lavender nectar which includes a buffing pad on one side and the sponge on the other side. I was a little concerned because I have very sensitive skin and the first time I used the spongeable I was really itchy but I noticed that it wasn't as bad with each time I used it.
My favorite:
Ilittle heartshow my skin feels. The dry skin on my feet around my ankles and the bottom of my feet have gone away (YAY) and the flakiness I had on my lower legs has gone away which is wonderful.  The last two years were really embarrassing due to the dryness but the little mesh thing I've been using with shower gel just wasn't cutting it. It's gone! Ilittle heartsit!
Spongeables comes in several scents, styles, sizes and types of sponges & has loads of bubbles. You can also get it in a travel size, their are cute heart, duck and flower shapes for kids of all ages.  
  • Kids & Baby willlittle heartsthe ducky ones - they have a fruitilicious scent, are made with gentle cleansing gel, olive oil and shea butter perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.
  • The Men's Spongeable has a bracing massage with the scent of Unexpected for Man which leaves their skin tingling and great smelling - (wish I could add a scratch and sniff sticker here). It comes in a 2 pack with over 20+ uses each!
  • Your hands get their own moisturizing spongeable with healing botanicals and SalSphere Seaweed for deep moisturizing and softness.  Add in an exfoliating texture and Honey Lotus-Quince aromatherapy for a luxious, relaxing hand massage, for 20-plus uses. 
Spongeables are beautifying, exfoliating, moisturizing, protecting, massaging and cleansing!  Order yours online or find out where you can purchase yours near your home (Click HERE).
Spongeables is offering one of my readers a set of the Lavendar Nectar Spongeables. You can go ahead and purchase yours now if you can't wait, or you can enter the drawing below:
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