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My Review of Knit Microplush Warming Blanket with Digital Controller

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  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen or King sizes
  • Twin Size: 180 Watts (120Vac)
  • Full Size: 180 Watts (120Vac)
  • Queen Size: 130 Watts Per Side (120Vac)
  • King Size: 180 Watts Per Side (120Vac)
  • Warming blanket
  • Available in ...

The Best Blanket I've ever had!
By Tina from GivingNSharing Blog from Omaha, NE on 12/29/2010
5out of 5
I used a gift certificate to purchase this item this fall - and it's been the best purchase I've made. It's extremely soft and thick and even when I don't use the heat feature, I've been plenty warm enough (at 30 degrees on up). I usually turn it on about an hour before I go to bed and the power turns off after 10 hours automatically so I don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off when I leave (there's an off switch when I get to hot). 

I live in a very cold apartment and I have loved using it this winter! The blanket comes with a heating element that can be adjusted to whatever level of heat you need. I generally choose about an 7/8 but have also used it on the HI level and find that's usually too much for me. 
When I first received the blanket I was a little concerned because altho there are cords that wind in rows throughout the blanket it doesn't seem to warm up in the center, mostly on the outer edges. I don't know if that's normal or not, but I do stay plenty warm and that is the goal.

The instructions that came with this blanket state that it can be washed which I haven't tried yet. To be honest I'm a little scared to, but I'm sure there won't be any problem since the main p
ower cord won't be attached. It also states it can be dried.
You can purchase a Biddeford Blankets Knit Microplush Warming Blanket with Digital Controller - 200D if you are interested.  It comes in several sizes (I purchased the full size), twin size to king size.  The Queen and King Size comes with dual controllers so 2 people can comfortably set the temperatures on each side to fit their needs.  I actually found out about this blanket on another blog through their review.  

Disclaimer: I received a gift card from for a review I had posted earlier in the year.  I was not required to post a review of a product that I purchased with the gift card.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I have a heated throw that was given to me as a gift last year but would love something a bit bigger.
    I too also have one that the heat isn't in the middle...don't quite understand that myself.
    I was sooo scared to wash mine, but I did. :)
    then I felt i needed to wait a good looong while before trying it
    It works just as well as it did before. :)
    Thank you for the review..I may have to try one of these out! :)


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