Sunday, August 14, 2016

Thrive by Le-Vel: What is it? (Giveaway)

For the last several months Ive been using a product called Thrive by a company called Le-Vel. I know most all of you have heard of them on Facebook but today I thought Id share a little about it and what my experience has been using it. I also thought Id post a video showing me unboxing my order and actually doing a bit of a vlog as well.

Why did I start The Thrive Experience?
* I was EXHAUSTED and my thoughts were FOGGY.
* I was afraid if I didn't get help I would have to close my in home daycare as I didn't feel (and I wasn't) that I was giving the children the care & attention they deserve and need.
* I felt like I needed to take a nap daily or else I would be out from 530 - 930 every night and then up until 2 am before I would crash again.
* Due to my weight and sedentary lifestyle that per the tests she was going to run I was likely to need to be on meds...... (this had me a bit worried since I don't have insurance.)

What was the result?
* Thrive gives me the energy, calmness, focus & participation my little ones deserve from me.
* My pain levels have eased most days - going from a 7-8 Pre-Thrive to an average of a 2-3 currently.
* I no longer feel so tired I need to sleep during the day or crash as soon as the kids leave.
* My cravings are gone! I can actually walk past donuts, soda and the hostess cupcake section! I am not drinking 3 32 oz sodas everyday saving me $3 per day just on sodas. The shake truly helps me with appetite control and cravings.
* Even though I'm not trying to lose weight - I have gone down 1-2 sizes depending on what Im wearing. I had to go shopping so my clothes weren't so baggy. Consignment Shops here I come!
* My test results came back with great results!
* My thought process is "I Can DO This!" more than "I cant or I don't feel like it." Most of all - I feel like I WANT to do things & this is an amazing feeling!
* I'm exercising most days! Wow! My support team: Gianna & Heidi (2) and I are using Lesley Sansone's Walking off the Weight videos - Mix & Match Walk Blasters: Mini Walks and Start! Walking. I'm only up to doing a 1 mile walk each morning and my 2 year olds make it through about 3/4's of a mile which I think is amazing! Without my new thought process this would not be happening!

What comes in The Thrive Experience? Watch this unboxing....

Would you like to know more & are your ready to do something positive and helpful for your body?

Are you ready to give your body the 100% Plant Based Gluten Free Premium Nutrition it deserves with No Chemicals?

If so, click the image to the right to start w your FREE account and look over the ingredients for yourself and then place your order.

Have questions? Email me HERE or would you like a ONE on ONE to learn more? You know me - I will give you my honest opinion, will make no claims and will not pressure you.

Disclaimer: I am a promoter and customer of Le-Vel and personally use their products. This review is based on my experience and no one elses. I was not asked by Le-Vel to review their products.

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