Sunday, November 22, 2015

6 Weeks of Stocking Stuffers ~ Week 3: Howard B Wigglebottom

It's time to look at our younger readers. The preschool age child needs books that fit in with what they know and Howard B Wigglebottom always fits the bill.

Christmas Time is overwhelming for kids. There is constant activity, excitement and chaos at times. Then there are the presents. Everyone seems to be getting presents, there are presents under the tree, teachers give them presents, friends have parties and Christmas Day it seems like there is a MOUNTAIN of presents and suddenly it's all over. Parents are happy for their kids until their child asks: "Are there any more?" They don't know any better and yet the adults in their life are embarassed and irritated that their kids aren't "happy with what they got". 

I wonder how many of these parents have taken the time to teach their kids to give to others. That giving is better than receiving and also taken the time to provide a few very carefully chosen presents instead of just getting a bunch and expecting the kids to be happy with it all and not ask for more?

Well, This weeks stocking stuffer suggestion is:

Howard B Wigglebottom & the Power of Giving: A Christmas Story
by: Howard Binkow & Susan F Cornelison
Reg $15 - always $6 on the website - Hardback
FREE Audio always available for all Howard B Wigglebottom books

About the book:
It was Christmas time, the season for GIVING - 
but for Howard B Wigglebottom, it was the season for GETTING!

Howard is a little bunny who can't give up anything of his. Everything is so precious to him and he is so worried about losing any of it or someone else getting his things that one day he takes off with a bag full of ALL his toys and starts walking.

As he's walking he meets new friends who are homeless and he realizes that his mother is right, he has way too much stuff and he decides that what he really wants is to appreciate the good things he already has.

This book opens the opportunity to discuss Giving & Sharing, Listening & Following the Rules, Talking to Strangers and being Homeless. There are reflections in the end of the book that you can use to give you ideas on how to discuss these behaviors with your children (age 3+).

My thoughts:
It's no secret I love Howard B Wigglebottom and the wonderful way that life's lessons are taught in a way children understand. It's not an adult standing over them telling them to share, not tell lies, obey when told to do something, pick up their mess, play nicely, etc... and then expecting said child to understand. 

This book teaches children that there is more satisfaction in giving to others and sharing what we have. After Howard gets left behind with his giant bag full of ALL his toys that he can't bring himself to share he wanders around, getting sadder and lonely until finally he falls asleep. When he wakes up he finds out that there are others who need and would be happy with just one toy and a family of their own. This particular book teaches about the Happiness of Giving, the Happiness of Getting, Learning to Share, Paying attention to avoid getting into trouble, being homeless and talking to strangers.

Each book has lessons for kids to learn, you can actually see and hear the story before purchasing it and there are activities and even a poster on the website for you to print and enjoy. At no charge. Plus the hardback books are always 60% off so they are affordable to give and receive and you can't go wrong there!

There are 16 books in this series about a little bunny learning valuable lessons. Two other books that are our favorites are: Howard B Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back & Howard B Wigglebottom Learns to Listen.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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