Monday, October 12, 2015

Christmas Around the World launches TODAY!

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Today is the official launch day for Christmas Around the World a wonderful new 6 week unit study of Christmas Around the World. Your kids will learn about Christmas and how it is celebrated in different countries like Japan, Australia, Denmark, the Bahamas, Germany, Belize, Poland and many many others. 29 countries in all. Included in the unit study is:

1) ART - a coloring page
2) Writing - a journal page for your child to describe what it would be like to celebrate in that country. 
3) Geography - a country notebooking page where your kids will record information like: location, language, currency & other facts. They will draw a map of the country and the country's flag. Be sure to keep a encyclopedia handy or assign online research to your older kids. 
4) Other - These activities vary from lesson to lesson and by age & skill levels.

You will also find many resources listed for you the parent or teacher and the child to utilize as you learn about each country.  There is also a section to study many of the Christmas & Thanksgiving hymns such as Gloria and Count Your Blessings. There is a great section that shares the salvation plan and many many other resources you will find helpful.

An example....
Australia of course is on the opposite side of the world from the US and their winter season is hot and dry. Your kids will learn about the climate, what they eat for Christmas Dinner, how Santa would travel around delivering presents and your kids will hear some words they may never have heard before: snags, boomers and cicadas. This chapter includes suggested books, math, geography links for maps & coloring pages as well as visiting the National Museum of Australia via the net. The last 2 pages of this section include 2 worksheets that you can use for "homework" or even a quiz. 

Note: You could easily extend each lesson by having kids write sentences using those words (once they know what they are), writing a story about a grandparent sharing a memory of Christmas when they were your child's age, doing research about that country or planning, preparing and eating a meal using the foods suggested in the Australia section.

I personally found the Bahama's information interesting. It covers not just Christmas but also a week long celebration that starts on 12/26 and ends on New Years Eve. I had never heard of this event and find it interesting the reason this celebration started.

You could learn about the countries your ancestors came from OR perhaps you could take a week for each country and study it more in depth OR you can do a country a day and spend the 6 weeks before Christmas finishing with the country you live in now. 

Buy it:
You can purchase this Unit Study for $17.99 starting TODAY 10/13 by clicking this little link: - Purchase the book before 10/18 & you will also receive the following bonuses with your purchase - they will extend the fun and help build even more excitement as your kids learn and participate in this fun unit study about Christmas Around the World!

Elephant planner printable, 2015 calendar,  Loving You Long Distance 800 x 800 Christmas Banner and Home Decor Printables
1) Christmas Home Banner Printables sample pack by Alicia Michelle at
2) Loving You Long Distance: Tips for Strengthening Long Distance Family Relationships ebook by Katie Hornor of Paradise Praises
3) Elephants! Sample Planner Pack download by Paradise Praises - this pack is not dated and can be used all year round (any year) and includes monthly calendar, 2-page weekly calendar, info page, shopping list, 2 page menu planner and notes page in beautiful blue and brown elephant design.

Note: You can still purchase the Calendar that features a page for 12 different countries that your children can color and make it completely their own. Click here: to purchase it for $7.99 (here) as a download or you can purchase it on Amazon (here).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I'll receive a small commission and loads of hugs and kudos from the powers that be as well as a copy of the book to review and use with my littles this Christmas. Regardless of this, I only share information and products that I think my readers will enjoy and use. Thanks for reading GivingNSharing.

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