Monday, September 28, 2015

Tot School Fall Sensory Activities

We are now heading into October (yay!) and Gianna is getting so big. She is loving Tot School and I have been trying to incorporate more sensory activities like Pumpkin Playdough, hunting for acorns & colorful leaves and this fun sensory box.

Materials I used:
  • Various plant picks with leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, etc from the fabric store (Joanne's has a nice selection)
  • We used last months oatmeal but you could use corn, hay, acorns, birdseed, etc
  • leaf shaped serving trays from Dollar Tree
I began by purchasing 6 fall picks from the floral section at Joanne Fabrics. 
Having 2 girls meant having to get 2 of everything. Pumpkins (these could
also be used for graduating size activities), Scarecrows, Flowers (Mums in 
this case). There were lots of leaves on all of them.

I pulled off all the pumpkins, leaves & flowers. The Scarecrows stayed 
on the pick as I didn't have any wire cutters. I just watched Gianna to
make sure she wasn't poking someone's eyes out or trying to chew on them.

I found these neat leaf shaped trays at Dollar Tree for $1 and they are the 
PERFECT size for a high chair tray. They don't hold much I don't quite trust 
her on the floor not to be carrying it all over the place but still for a 
toddler they are a nice size.

Throw in a little bowl and a spoon or two and she is happy 
for a good 1/2 hour to hour at a time (sometimes longer)!

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