Sunday, August 2, 2015

8 Weeks to Thrive

Hi everyone - I just joined Le-Vel for weight loss and would love to have a few friends join me on my journey. I'm sure many of you have heard of Thrive and as usual I am one of the last to join in as I like to see how people like a new product or program before I join. The more I hear about this program the more interested I've gotten. 
Please stay tuned over the next 8-10 weeks and I'll keep you up to date. You can always look in the Thrive as all my updates will be posted there as well. I am planning on cutting all gluten (bread) & pop and most liquids except water of course. I am personally Dairy, Whey & Soy Intolerant so of course that won't be included in my diet. 
There are several things that caught my eye about the patches like:
1) its ALL NATURAL and filled with herbs that fit a variety of my fibro body's needs.
2) The herbal formula on each patch helps regulate my energy, seratonin levels, improves mood & sleep patterns, reduces inflammation/swelling pain in muscles, joints of the knee, back, legs and hips.
My upline, like myself, has Fibro and she noticed a big decrease in her pain levels and a increase in her energy levels. I LIKE THAT!
3) I am starting to have a lot of issues with my hips such as pain, locked up muscles/joints, etc - I find myself shifting and constantly having to MOVE because my hips hurt so much. The chiropractor and my new masseuse helped ease my hip immensely. I'm only 46 now - I can't imagine this pain & discomfort getting worse! I also find that I am very limited how far I can go with the kids at times and since this has been shown to help with Joint Pain I'm kind of excited about this!
Lastly - with the news that this may be a hard winter (& its coming fast) it helps boost our immunity.
Take a look at the ingredient list below and tell me what CATCHES your eye:
What's it cost?
You can also do 1 step (the patches) or all 3. Obviously you get the maximum benefit of Thrive if you do all three but they understand if you can't. It's really up to you how much you do.
If you are interested you can actually sign up as a customer OR as a promotor for FREE. There is NO yearly fee, NO website fee, NO promotor fee. You do need to pay for your products of course but one you have paid for your first month - you can start getting your products for FREE or heavily discounted. 
They do make it affordable and I really like that. 
If you'd like more information - just click on any of the images on this page. They are all linked to my website. You can also click any of the links on this page. =D

Disclaimer: I am sharing my experience with Le-Vel with my readers. Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor or other health professional so please consult the appropriate health professional before making any changes to your diet, health or exercise routines. You should always consider what is right for your own personal situation. I am a consultant with Le-Vel so while this is not a affiliate or sponsored post I do receive a small commission from your purchase of this product.

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