Monday, June 29, 2015

Dancing to Kids' Music & Stories #2 ~ Goo On My Shoe

What cames to mind when you read "Goo On My Shoe" - was it a big wad of Bubble Yum stuck to the bottom of your church shoes? Was that bubble yum oozing and gooey with long strings of sticky gum holding you to the hot pavement as you lifted your shoe? Ewww!

No? You immediately thought of Here Comes Trouble's newest music CD for Kids? Ugh Huh... Tell me another one!

Goo On My Shoe
by Here Comes Trouble
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As I told you in my last post in my series on Danceable Kid's CD's this week - my kids' LOVE to dance! My house is TINY but the kids don't let that stop them - especially when the music is as upbeat, filled with rhythm, silly phrases like "I WANT DESSERT" which is shoutable and shakeable.

This is the CD that was chosen as the kids' favorite Kids CD for the summer. Maddie, age 4, seems to like it in particular - she is my screamer and drives me nuts and I'm sure leaves the neighbors wishing they could have their nice quiet neighborhood back. Oh well - she'll only be 4 going on 14 for a while longer. Gianna doesn't care about the words yet (she's 18 mo) - she likes that she can jump and scream (yes, I have two of them) while dancing....

I Want Dessert
Bubbles In My Bath
Goo On My Shoe
Little Red Car
That's Who I Am
Don't Eat The Mailman Doggie
HCT Theme Song
Watermelon Felon
Spill The Beans
Hey, Dolly
Robby Dobby
I Like Toys

Take a listen to some of the above tracks. 
This CD is available for purchase now.

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Disclaimer: I received this CD in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy. 

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