Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Love You Blankie ~ Review

It's been a while since I last did a review for a cute baby/toddler storybook. Many of you know that until last year I also blogged on Classic Children's Books and last year I made the decision to consolidate both blogs onto GivingNSharing and know the kids books are starting to come in again. =D My kiddos are excited and I have to say: So am I!

I Love You Blankie
by Sheryl Haft
ISBN: 978-0316283564
$8.99 (board book)

About the book:
A flowing sail, a hot air balloon, a fluffy cloud, a glowing moon... with a little imagination, a blankie can be anything!

This sweet and playful board book will encourage little ones to think big as they head off into dreamland. As bedtime nears, the blankie turns into a balloon, a cloud, and a shooting star, eventually placing him safely into bed where he can keep dreaming and snuggling, too.

Debut author Sheryl Haft and artist Jane Massey have crafted an adorable story around a universal bedtime theme. Featuring a soft padded cover, this is the perfect book to inspire sweet dreams.

My thoughts:
Gianna (15 months) and I opened a surprise book from a publisher about 3 weeks ago and she was so excited! Everyday the minute she walks in my door (she is a daycare kiddo) she immediately heads to a little bookshelf & reading nook that I set up just for her that has books for her to dump on the floor bring to me to read. Besides Animal Noises and a book about colors the other book that she needs to read everyday (several times a day) is I Love You Blankie! by Sheryl Haft.

The pictures are big, the colors attract her attention and while she doesn't understand that the child in the book is pretending she loves to "talk" about the whale and the balloon (Boo) and she also loves to point at the blankie. I see this storybook being a favorite for a long long time. 

I Love You Blankie is available NOW to order:

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only recommend products or services I have personally read or used & think my readers will enjoy.


  1. Thank you very much for such a lovely and thoughtful and personalized review.

    This book was created straight from my heart, and knowing that a child such as your little Gianna is enjoying the book is the most delightful news I could ever receive.

    I am sorry for any confusion, but the book launch party in New York City is a small event not open to the public (invites were arranged with the publisher.) I am planning on additional author readings and performances which I will post on Twitter @sherylhaft

    As a first-time author, your and this blogging community's support is so appreciated. Thank you again!

  2. Thanks for the comment - I love when an author stops by & says hi! Makes my day! I will remove the invite on Saturday - I so wish I could go!


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