Tuesday, November 25, 2014

God Gave Us Angels

God Gave Us Angels
by Lisa Tawn Bergren
ISBN: 9781601426611
$8.14 (paperback)
$7.73 (kindle)

About the book:
“What do angels do all day, Papa?”
 When Papa finds Little Cub looking for angels, it gives him a chance to tell his beloved child about those that may be in their midst, even when they can’t be seen.  Exploring their exhilarating Arctic world as they talk, Papa lovingly answers all of Little Cub’s questions about angels—and as usual, she has a lot. She wants to know what they do, how they look, how they guard God’s loved ones, and best of all, how they serve the Creator of the world.   “God really created angels to serve him more than us, Little Cub.They love him and would do anything for him.” This uplifting tale will encourage young hearts by exploring the glory and design of God’s messengers, while turning toward him with praise.    

My thoughts:
When I was offered this book by Blogging for Books to review on GivingNSharing I hesitated. I personally believe that many people (Christians & Non-Christians) worship the angels when we are warned to NOT worship or pray to the angels. (Exodus 20:4-5, Matt 4:10, Luke 4:8) so it was with misgivings that I agreed to review this book.

I was very pleased with how this subject is handled. Little Cub's questions are handled honestly and with just enough information to answer her question and give her something to think about. 

Not only does the book teach Little Cub that she should not pray to angels but Papa Bear also teaches her their purpose, why they were created - They were created to Worship God, Praise Him, Fight for God and Serve Him. She also asks about Guardian Angels and what they look like.

Very well written & thought out. God Gave Us Angels gets an A+ on GivingNSharing! This is a wonderful book to add to your family library and would make a nice addition for your kid's Christmas Eve gift.

Disclaimer:  I received this book to review as a member of the Blogging For Books review program in exchange for my honest review. Thank you for reading GivingNSharing.

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