Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Kindness Store ~ Business Review

The Kindness Store is more than a marketing ploy for - it's an encouragement to follow the tugging of your heart to give to others. How many times have you had a tugging of your heart, where a certain someone came to mind to pray for them, to do a kindness for them (perhaps mow their lawn, send an anonymous check or drop a letter in the mail to them to encourage them and build them up in one way or the other?

With SendOutCards you have the convenience of shopping for birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby, thank you or Just Because you want to from your office or home. It's very easy to do and step by step instructions are given to you. This program is a win-win for you - it saves you time, money, gas and you don't have to go through a hundred cards before you find one to settle on. You can design your own or pick one they have already created for you - all you need to do is add your own words. From there SendOutCards will print, stamp and mail the card for you. What could be easier?

Bus 90 for Life from SendOutCards on Vimeo.

Watch the video and then click on Learn More to learn how Send Out Cards can not only give you a way to make full time income with part time work and at the same time you are making a difference in someone else's life and showing them you care.

To learn more go to: and watch the video when it's finished click on Learn More. You can also contact Norbeth Shortt DeJesus on her website HERE.

Comment Hop: Please watch the video and then share something that someone has done for you that you will never forgot it touched your heart that much!

I was not paid to advertise for SendOutCards or by Norbeth Shortt DeJesus - we did however exchange advertising spots to help each other's business out. 

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