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Awakened Love Blog Tour

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Awakened Love
by Laura V. Hilton
ISBN: 978-1603745086
$ 9.39 (kindle)

About the book:
Katie Detweiler grew up Amish, never knowing she was adopted as an infant. Now an adult, her new job as cook at an Amish bed and breakfast doesn’t bring about the euphoria she hoped for. Just as she’s getting her menu perfected, the Englisch family and severely ill sister she never knew existed enter her life and strain her Amish relationships. Plus, Katie suddenly has two different men vying for her attention—one Amish, one Englisch—and she wonders if one of them could be the man of her dreams. But when her Englisch sister’s health worsens, Katie must find a way to balance her heart, her job, and her faith while risking her own life for the sister she never knew.

He’s hiding from a cold-blooded killer; her Amish identity has been stripped away. Both must find a way to balance their hearts, their jobs, and their faith. Find out more on the author's blog at

My thoughts:
I finished this book about 3:30 am on Thanksgiving Eve and boy am I dragging today! What a delight it was reading Awakened Love. I found it very easy to connect with both of our main characters. A bit different then your usual Amish Romance, it's a mixture of Amish Romance, Mystery and Suspense. Most Amish fiction books seem to be a romantic story with faith and Amish customs thrown in - but lately it seems like we are starting to see Amish fiction with meat to it.

Opening with Patsy (Katie's not very good friend) bragging about how she has found her husband - we learn that Katie is not just very shy but she has also heard over the years how she is cursed, unfortunate and not good enough to get a husband (not such a great friend huh?). Over the next few weeks we see her meet Abram who has set his hat for her, meet an English man who seems to be possibly stalking her (thus making Abram all wonderfully protective) and then learning about a secret in Katie's family. A secret she has never been told. 

There are 2 mysteries not counting that secret behind the reason that Abram is in town. He is stuck between 2 vipers women who even though they are Amish (believers?) have latched onto him. One of them is a evil woman who has thrown her lot in with a seriously bad group of people and murder is involved. Just as he is ready to seriously think about marrying Katie the mess hits the fan and the plot gets thicker leading to a wonderful conclusion.

I love mystery suspense and to see it combined with a romance filled with faith, scripture and intrigue was a real treat. This would make a great hostess, birthday gift or even stocking stuffer!
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About the author:
Laura is an award winning author, a pastor's wife, married over twenty-five years and has five children. She homeschools, writes book reviews and books, Patchwork Dreams, A Harvest of Hearts and Promised to Another. 

Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of this book to read and review on GivingNSharing in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to have a positive review and no $$$ exchanged hands. Thanks!


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