Friday, November 8, 2013

Gluten FREE Thanksgiving Cookbook - FREE till Sunday 11/10 w Code!

This year has been a rough year filled with a lot of pain and severe achiness from the old Fibromyalgia devil and I have been mulling over trying the Gluten Free diet to see if it would help with some weight loss and also help combat many of my FB symptoms such as pain, achiness and IBS. I was talking to a new friend I made recently who told me she has Celiac and was originally diagnosed with FB and she said when she went on the GF diet she noticed most of her achiness and pain basically disappeared.

She caught my attention. We are planning on a trip to the store sometime so she can show me some of her favorite products such as breads, etc. I think the bread is my biggest concern. I'm not a big bread eater but since I have kiddos we tend to eat quite a bit for sandwiches and so I'd like to find a great bread that's GF but also edible (for me not the kids).... 

I do plan on trying Jules' special flour blend here in the near future which can be used cup for cup just like regular wheat flour and will definitely let you know my thoughts... maybe they'll even share a recipe or two with us. =D

In the meantime, my friends at Jules Gluten Free are offering GivingNSharing's readers a special treat! They are offering you a FREE download of their Gluten Free Thanksgiving Cookbook! Be sure to use the special code under the cookbook so it's FREE!

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Click on the picture to begin download
Type in this code at checkout exactly as seen:


60 page Gluten-Free Thanksgivinging eBook
4 pages of holiday tips
a 6 week planning timeline
a page of bread-baking tips 
20+ delicious, GF recipes
Readers: If you have any issues with the download email
them at and she can email it to you.
(tell them Tina @ GivingNSharing sent you and include the above code) 

Disclaimer: I was offered a FREE giveaway by Jules Gluten Free for readers of GivingNSharing - I was not required to have a review and no money exchanged hands. Thanks! 

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