Monday, July 1, 2013

An interesting afternoon...

Today has been such a wild day. This morning I took the kids to what I thought was a 4th of July Craft Class at the library and turns out we arrived 2 hours early. So, I took 'em to the park. Then we left to go to the class and got in line only to be told they were full when we arrived at the door (Connor was SOOO disappointed!). THEN I went through Burger King (which was not planned) and picked up burgers & drinks and took the kids to the park (again) for lunch and to play a little before we headed home for rest time & a movie.

Rest time was over at 2:45 and when I looked outside as we were getting ready to go outside to play I saw bumper to bumper cars & trucks. I figured it was an accident over on 42nd & Center Street and then I saw the police car at the end of my street (about 2 houses away) directing traffic. I heard police whistles and yells...

I walked out with the kids (Ari is 8 and Connor is almost 6) and asked one of the drivers what is going on and she told me there had been a shooting. My original thought had been to walk up with the kids to 42nd Street to see what was going on but decided not to as I didn't want them to see a body or blood. So, we returned home.

The police man didn't seem to concerned that I had the kids there and he was pretty relaxed so the kids brought all their cars outside and I took the car rug that I have and they set up a car area under the shade of our big tree out front and I watched the proceedings while I texted parents (I own an in-home daycare) and gave them suggestions on how to get to my house - and I also offered to keep the kids until later that evening.

THEN while Connor's mom was here we were sitting outside visiting and watching everything and a camera man & a news reporter from Channel 3 came up and asked to interview us. Melissa (Connor's mom) made me do the interview on my own (thanks Melissa!).

All in all.... It was a VERY interesting and busy day! What did YOU do?

The Seaman Mom

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