Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What if cleaning out your child’s closet now could benefit their school for the new year?

There is a new way you can help your child's school get the supplies and tools they need for their classrooms and programs. By donating your child's NEW & Gently Used Name Brand Clothing to Schoola for a HUGE Summer Fundraiser! Over 10,000 schools have already signed up and 40% of the sales will be donated back to schools across the US.

So, start digging through your child's closet, they are looking for....

* Jeans
* Shorts
* Shirts
* Dresses
* and much more!

Here's what you do....
  1. Click here: http://www.schoola.com/labs and request a Postage Paid bag to send in your donated clothes. You'll also find a list of accepted items.
  2. Clean out your child's closet & storage bins (we all know you have them!)
  3. Look for stains, tears, worn out clothing, missing buttons, etc and set those aside (those can't be sent)
  4. Questions? Contact Schoola at help@schoola.com or (855) 454-2956.
  5. Send in your donations when the bag arrives.
Simple Right?

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  1. Awesome, and I love that they send a postage-paid bag!


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