Saturday, February 23, 2013

Headaches.... o la la

Up until about 6 years ago I never had headaches. I could probably count the number I'd had my entire life on one hand... then suddenly one morning I woke up with a migraine. I was nausious, dizzy, foggy, felt off balance, and oh my head! I called in to work and asked if it would be OK to come in around noon - and went back to bed - woke up about 11 and the pain was gone. When I got to work I couldn't figure out why people were looking at me funny until I walked into my boss's office - guess I looked extremely pale (I'm very fair skinned so that tells you how pale I was) and the first thing she asked me was "should you be here?". I wasn't in any pain - just felt really, really odd. Looking back on that day I probably shouldn't of been driving.... the worst isn't the pain it was the after effects from the migraine - I would have all the above symptoms minus the pain for at least 2 weeks!

I did the usual - went to the dentist, doctor who wanted me to do an MRI - which I did schedule - but then I spoke with a co-worker who told me that she was having the same problems as I was and that it turned out her Vit D levels were very low. So, I called my Dr again and since they had taken blood to check my thyroid and asked them to also do a Vit D check. I ended up canceling the MRI when my thyroid showed non-existent hormones and my Vit D level was coming up at around a 6. (Not good I guess)

Then I found a Chiropractor who loved working with people with headaches and Fibromyalgia. Now 4 years later the worst of the headaches are gone. I've had 1 migraine in the last year. I'm still having issues with the stabbing pain that hits on various parts of my head - right above my ears or on the top back portion of my skull. According to the chiropractor the pains are a form of migraines so we are still working on those and just relieving the pain and tension in my neck & shoulders.

Today I came across a video of a doctor who works a lot with trigger point therapy. It explained some about what causes headaches although I would of liked to have seen more.

I was really hoping to learn more about my type of headache and I ended up emailing him to see if he had worked with my type of headaches before. I'd really like to know more behind what causes them and exactly what is going on (I'm a research/information junkie!) Hopefully I will hear from him soon.

You can learn more about Frank Greshem and his clinic: The Chronic Pain Center which is in VA.

Discussion Question:
Have you ever seen a Trigger Point Therapist for your chronic pain or Fibromyalgia Pain? What was your experience?

Disclaimer: I was not contacted by Frank Greshem or his clinic for a review. Nor was I paid to share this information. I posted his information to gather more information regardinging Trigger Point Therapy.


  1. I have never seen a Trigger Point Therapist for my migraines but I get those same stabbing pains on the right side of my head just above my ear. They only last for a couple minutes then they are gone but they leave a dull ache. I think finally after have CTscans and different medications luckily I think we finally found the right combination that works for me............we except when the weather fronts move in and mess everything up.

    1. Hi Tammy - I've never heard of anyone else having these kinds of headaches. So, while not happy you get them - I'm happy to hear it's not all "in my head". LOL I also get the same pains on the top right edge of my skull in the back so it's not just above my ear.

      Happy "No Headache" 2013!


  2. This is really good to know. I used to get horrible headaches when I was pregnant. I don't get them as much anymore, but they are still pretty dibilitating when I do. That's a really interesting read.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was too - the dr in the video emailed me back and wants me to look at his charts of the head and see if we can figure out what's going on. I don't have insurance so if he can help me "gratis" I'll be forever grateful.

      Are pregnent ladies prone to headaches? Would it be hormones that would cause that and because your body & spine is in an unnatural position?

      Something to think about.... =D

  3. I've heard chiropractors can help! Like you I never got them (migraines) and then I had a medical procedure done and I get the quite a bit now. I've been considering the possibility of the chiro. Happy to have read your post. :)

    1. I love my chiropractor! I've been to several over the years - but he is my favorite by far. He has helped me so much. =D


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