Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bertolli Classic Meals ~ May I say Scrumptious?

My stove has died.... a slow, painful death. I've been telling my landlord's son (in person) who is now in charge of our house since April that something was wrong with it and nothing has ever been done. Last week he got it in writing.

I have been having major issues with my stove for the last few months. I turned it on one day to warm up my apartment a little and I suddenly heard a loud POP and my lights flashed and then I heard this awful buzzing that sounded like it was coming from my walls. It took me a moment and I realized it was from around my stove. I immediately turned it off and then opened up the stove and sure enough the tube thingy at the bottom had burst and was shooting off sparks. So, for now it is sitting unplugged because I'm to scared to use the thing. 

So, I'm living on lots of frozen meals, Village Inn (if you go before 6 pm ask for the Early Bird Dinner Menu - it's a little cheaper AND you get a piece of pie! I think it's 4-6 pm.), Soups in Hand, PB&J's - or Breakfast Bars. I got to thinking I should see if there are any actual prepared casseroles or meals in the freezer that aren't loaded with tons of preservatives, whey, soy & dairy that can go in my little counter top oven or the microwave. I get very sick from whey, soy & dairy - so it's very necessary I find something with as little as possible in it. The pickings are slim....

Bertolli<sup>®</sup> Chicken Marsala & Roasted Redskin Potatoes
Today I tried Bertolli Classic Meals. They come in these cute little 24 oz bags in your grocer's freezer section and they have yummy selections like Roasted Chicken & Linguine**, Chicken Parmiana & Penne, Tuscan Style Braised Beef with Gold Potatoes**

I tried Chicken Marsala & Roasted Redskin Potatoes ~ Chicken, mushrooms, green beans and potatoes in a marsala wine sauce.

So, is it Scrumptioussssss?  It is! It is!

Even Sierra (age 3) liked the little bit she tried - enough that she wants it for lunch tomorrow. 

So, here's where I need some help....

Any ideas how to expand the servings on these delicious meals? At $6.99 each they are a little pricey - but if I could stretch them a little that would definitely help. They are precooked - there is plenty of sauce in the dinner (it filled up the little bowl I used at least by 1/2) and I think it would stretch for 2 more servings of added chicken breast, potatoes and green beans. So, would you poach the chicken, add in the potatoes (from the refrigerator case for me - if you have a stove you can prepare your own sliced ones) and throw in some thin green beans? 

Do you think it could be prepared in a Crockpot maybe for 4 hours or so???? without turning into mush?


Note: I added links to several of the meals above. Unfortunately there isn't a list of ingredients beyond the basics: chicken, pasta, veggies. The extras aren't listed at all. Neither is the nutritional information on the website. That would be very helpful. (Just an idea for the Bertolli guru's.)

Disclaimer: I purchased this wonderful dinner and was not reimbursed or asked for a review. The meals with the ** are ones that I may/may not be able to eat depending on the amount of whey, soy or dairy in the ingredients (just in case your wondering).

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